How A Woman Died In The River In Missoula Last Sunday Is Not A Big Concern On A Friday Night

by William Skink

When it comes to the weekly pacing of news, Fridays are good days to put something out that needs to be reported, but for some reason warrants a low-readership Friday data-dump.

I’m not saying that’s the case in the Missoulian reporting the death Linda Bolin, a 58 year old woman who apparently drowned last Sunday in the river behind Imagine Brewery, but I will say I find some things about location and timing to be curious about whatever happened.

First, the report:

Linda Bolin was found downriver from where she fell into the water, possibly from a wheelchair, said Missoula County Undersheriff Rich Maricelli.

In a text on Thursday, Missoula Police Department spokesman Travis Welch said she was reported to have fallen near the 1100 block of West Broadway. Maricelli said she had been behind Imagine Brewing drinking with friends.

There could be some dots to link up here somewhere, but it is Friday night, so let’s just forget about this for now and get on with the weekend.

Good night.

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