WTF Is Up With Montana Democrats?

by William Skink

It may not seem like I want Democrats to be successful, considering all the derision and scorn I have heaped on the national brand over the years, but at the state level, I would like Democrats to at least make a minimal effort to succeed. Doing so could mean saving the veto power of the Governor’s office and keeping some legislative sanity so another Medicaid slaughter doesn’t go down.

Were blog posts more widely read, two recent ones would be raising serious questions about what the hell Democrats in Montana are doing to be successful.

One of the only things I appreciate about blogger Greg Strandberg is his digging into the numbers, and when it comes to Democrats in Montana, it’s clear they know how to raise and spend money, but to what end? From the link:

The GOP raised $20,000 in September and spent $28,000. They now have $27,000 in the bank.

The Dems raised $113,000 in September and spent $72,000. They now have $123,000 in the bank.

Later in the post Strandberg breaks down how much money Montana Democrats pay their seven paid staffers to run the Democratic show in the state. When you contrast what Democrats are spending to what the GOP is spending, you might assume spending more money on more staffing would translate into more political activity, but thanks to this surprisingly candid blog post from the Montana Post, that is apparently not the case:

The most pressing problem should be the easiest to fix. The Party needs to stop being silent. A look at the press releases page on the party’s web site shows the latest post was added over three weeks ago. The Facebook page? Other than posts about fundraising events, it’s a ghost town. Twitter? About one post a week.

And these have been pretty damn momentous times. Where was the Montana Democratic Party when thousands of Montana kids were out on the streets demanding action on climate change? The Party couldn’t offer support for these future voters even though our Party platform demands action on the climate?

Where has the Montana Democratic Party been on the latest wave of Trump scandals and his potential impeachment? While Republicans are gearing up their predictable attacks on the rule of law and their specious defense of the President, where is the voice of the Democratic Party defending the inquiries that will take place in Congress?

Parties play a unique role in our political system and some of that role must be to be the cudgel of the party, to take swings at Republican candidates for office that might be too difficult for candidates to take. Given the copious ammunition their voting records and public statements provide, Republicans should be taking hits from the MDP almost every week, if not every day. That’s just not happening.

Summer is over, and these people can’t muster more than a tweet a week? Really?

Is it laziness? Is it a strategic stand-down because Montana is considered a lost cause to the national party?

It’s inexcusable for the Democratic party apparatus in Montana to be taking in so much money with so little to show for it. Even the most doggedly loyal Democrat blog in the state is getting tired of this feeble refusal to fight for anything beyond financial contributions.

Change or keep losing, Montana Democrats. The choice is up to you.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to WTF Is Up With Montana Democrats?

  1. James Conner says:

    Politico reports that the DNC is not defending Biden against Trump’s attacks out of some misguided sense of neutrality. It’s possible that the MT Dems are failing to be heard for similar reasons. Also, divisions within a political party that might not spill into public view can prevent that party’s delivering a consistent, coherent, cogent, message, and delivering it fortissimo.

    • Montana Democrats don’t need to be defending Biden to be politically active. I think the big problem is the Democratic establishment is more invested in suppressing progressives than they are on doing the groundwork necessary for making gains at the State level.

      • Big Swede says:

        I see this as a bigger problem for Democrats.

        “When those Democrats raised their hands, what that said is, is that they’re willing to sacrifice the working class of this country to siphon off their funds and their healthcare to benefit illegal aliens who violated our laws and broke into our country,” Miller said. “It is a great crime against the working people of this country.”

        “On the question of immigration, [the 2020 Democrats] are all indistinguishably supportive of open borders and mass migration and unlimited benefits for foreign citizens all across the world,” Miller said.

        Unfortunately for Dems in MT is their largest supporters aren’t illegals or progressives. Their supporters are either working class laborers or their children. The 2020 strategy of pandering to the non-workers and illegals doesn’t work here.

      • James Conner says:

        I was not suggesting that the MT DP should be defending Biden. I was, rather, suggesting that the MT DP may believe that being neutral with regard to candidates requires being silent on all issues. I agree that the MT DP generally considers progressives as threats to winning elections.

  2. Big Swede says:

    Speaking of the working class.

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