Epstein, Organized Crime and AI

by William Skink

There are at least a dozen different posts on the Epstein scandal I’d like to write. The arrest earlier this month of Jeffrey Epstein has unleashed an avalanche of information about the alleged sexual abuse, the apparent immunity from accountability, and the powerful and influential people who exist within Epstein’s web of influence.

To understand Epstein one needs to take a closer look at some of the people he is connected to. This requires going back decades and taking into consideration power structures like organized crime, government intelligence agencies and darker elements, like the occult.

With regards to organized crime, Mint Press has a great article worth reading, titled Hidden In Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins Of The Epstein Case. In light of what is coming out with the Epstein case, information that was already known is taking on new shades of significance . Here is how the article (first part in an exclusive investigative series) contextualizes the tactic of using sexual indiscretions to gain blackmail influence:

Claims of Epstein’s links and his involvement in a sophisticated, well-funded sexual blackmail operation have, surprisingly, spurred few media outlets to examine the history of intelligence agencies both in the U.S. and abroad conducting similar sexual blackmail operations, many of which also involved underage prostitutes.

In the U.S. alone, the CIA operated numerous sexual blackmail operations throughout the country, employing prostitutes to target foreign diplomats in what the Washington Post once nicknamed the CIA’s “love traps.” If one goes even farther back into the U.S. historical record it becomes apparent that these tactics and their use against powerful political and influential figures significantly predate the CIA and even its precursor, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). In fact, they were pioneered years earlier by none other than the American mafia.

In the course of this investigation, MintPress discovered that a handful of figures who were influential in American organized crime during and after Prohibition were directly engaged in sexual blackmail operations that they used for their own, often dark, purposes.

In Part I of this exclusive investigation, MintPress will examine how a mob-linked businessman with deep ties to notorious gangster Meyer Lansky developed close ties with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) while also running a sexual blackmail operation for decades, which later became a covert part of the anti-communist crusade of the 1950s led by Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI), himself known throughout Washington for having a habit of drunkenly groping underage teenaged girls.

The article goes on to explore Samuel Bronfman, a name that may sound familiar because of a different sexual exploitation racket known as NXIVM (Nexium), a “self-help” scam that evolved into the grooming of sex slaves. I will be eagerly awaiting the second part of this investigative series.

Looking at this history of organized crime and their use of influencing schemes, like blackmail, provides critical context for the criminal part of the Epstein scandal, and since that is where the most salacious details of the scandal are coming from, that will get much of the attention.

Another area of interest that merits some attention is Epstein’s philanthropic efforts. What was he doing with his money? Would you believe Epstein was interested in funding the creation of radical AI emotional software? From the link:

Epstein subscribes to a scientistic worldview, which sees not politics, economics, or religion as a driving force of history but, rather, evolution. He spoke fondly of E.O. Wilson’s famous evolutionary determinist theory of “sociobiology” in 2002 and founded the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics the following year. What is the cause of Epstein’s attraction to evolutionary thinking about human social development? In a word: money.

Epstein stated, “If we can figure out how termites come together, then we may be able to better understand the underlying principles of market behavior – and make big money.” For Epstein, markets are not the product of human creation but, instead, evolutionally hard-wired systems that can be understood in terms of biology. This is all, of course, malarkey, but demonstrates that financial capitalists like Epstein see science not as a way of expanding human knowledge for the good of all; rather, it is, at best, an outlet for bogus theorizing about the so-called natural laws of the economy and, at worst, an unabashed intellectual justification for the wealth of key market players like himself.

This brings us to Epstein’s generous funding of top AI research scientists, with whom he has enjoyed close personal relationships. In 2013, he was reported to fund “the first humanoids” and “first free thinking robots,” which are designed to move beyond robots as “clunky machines that relied on deterministic algorithmic pathways” toward emotional human-like creatures with “responsive facial expressions, synthesized rubber skin, called frubber and delicate features.”

These are reminders that scientific research and technological development are not separate from politics. Indeed, Epstein has not only served on the boards of numerous science institutes, but also on those of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. The Council on Foreign Relations was founded in 1921 to advance US foreign policy interests in the wake of World War I and the Russian Revolution. Later on, the Council’s study groups developed the Cold War doctrine of “containment” and laid the foundations for NATO.

The first version of this article discussed a specific project, “Little Sophia”, but for obvious reasons the company involved is trying to distance itself from Epstein, though I find the correction explaining the distinction quite illuminating:

Hanson Robotics, the company that owns Sophia and Little Sophia, reached out to the author clarifying that Hanson Robotics and OpenCog are separate organisations, and that Epstein’s money was only used to fund OpenCog’s “videogames development” and not the AI behind Little Sophia. We acknowledge that it is difficult to demonstrate exactly how Epstein’s funds were used internally; we have issued a correction in the text to that effect.

Hanson also claims that Hanson Robotics AI has no relationship to OpenCog, while conceding that Epstein’s long-time beneficiary Ben Goertzel served simultaneously both as CEO of the OpenCog foundation and as Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics from 2015-2018. However, Goertzel’s own news report from 2015 suggests that there was a connection between Hanson’s AI and OpenCog’s research. Two years after the announcement of Epstein’s funding for OpenCog and one year before the activation of Hanson’s Sophia, Goertzel wrote a news update on the OpenCog website entitled “OpenCog partners with Hanson Robotics to work toward human-like robots.” In June 2018, Goertzel provided specific examples of OpenCog’s role in Sophia’s robotic functioning. While this is in reference to Sophia, and not Little Sophia, Hanson describes the latter as the “little sister” of Sophia.

A Forbes article dated October 10, 2013 on Jeffrey Epstein as the “financial guru” behind “radical emotional software for the gaming industry” stated that OpenCog’s software “has already had an impact . . on the robot industry where companies such as Hanson Robotics, developed by David Hanson, are incorporating it to advance the way their human-like robots function and interact with people.” This article has now been taken down from the Forbes website, although it can be found on the Internet Archive.

It’s fascinating to watch all the rats abandon ship Epstein. But, as they scurry away to crisis PR firms for image rehabilitation, we need to keep the focus on the fact Epstein was able to operate the way he did, and got a sweetheart deal after his first bust, because something was protecting him.

Was that something an intelligence agency, foreign and/or domestic? Acosta seems to think so. What are the national security implications? As tensions with Iran keep ratcheting up, Trump seems to be slowly accepting the inevitability of war. Is Trump compromised?

And what is the political opposition to Trump doing? It’s all Russia and racism and identity politics. In my non-professional assessment they are fucking worthless when it comes to describing the actual threats we are facing, especially in the spheres of geopolitics and the global economy.

In June, troops began heading for a key military base in Saudi Arabia used to stage troops in previous Mideast conflicts:

ASPEN, Colo. — In June the U.S. military began moving equipment and hundreds of troops back to a military base in Saudi Arabia that the U.S. deserted more than 15 years ago, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the deployment.

Over the coming weeks the deployment to Prince Sultan Air Base, intended to counter the threat from Iran, will grow to include fighter jets and Patriot long-range missile defense systems, the officials said. The Patriots have already arrived at the base and should be operational in mid-July, while the aircraft are expected to arrive in August.

With more troops moving to this tinderbox amidst tankers being seized and drones being shot down, it won’t take much to escalate things into a shooting war.

On the global economic front, Deutsche Bank is slowly succumbing to the gravitational pull of its derivative black hole. With a global economic slowdown already emerging, this Lehman Brothers 2.0 could eventually trigger the bursting of the everything bubble.

These are the issues that most concern me.

I also find it concerning more people don’t share these worries because their bandwidth is consumed by the need to react to each and every successful Trump-trolling tweet.

No one will care about your virtue-signaling when the bombs start dropping and your currency becomes worthless. We are running out of time.

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