The Glory Of The American Experiment…

by William Skink

If the average citizen was asked what they thought was representative of the glory of the American experiment, what do you think the average citizen would say? Probably something about our national aspiration to things like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or some other lofty principle enshrined in our founding documents.

Well, those at the top of the intelligence community are not your average citizens, and therefore will have slightly different notions about what constitutes the glory of the American experiment. Take recent comments NOT getting a lot of coverage in mainstream media by Mike Pompeo. On April 15th, at West Point, this is what Pompeo had to say:

What’s the cadet motto at West Point? You will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do. I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It’s — it was like — we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the luminaries of your glorious intelligence community.

Chronic liars, even the professional ones, find it difficult to manage and compartmentalize all the lies they spin. In a recent New York Times article the CIA director, Bloody Gina, let slip a serious incident of deceit aimed at President Trump regarding the alleged nerve-agent attack against the Skripals in Salisbury. Moon of Alabama was one of the first to catch and understand the implication.

First, here is the money quote from the NTY:

During the discussion, Ms. Haspel, then deputy C.I.A. director, turned toward Mr. Trump. She outlined possible responses in a quiet but firm voice, then leaned forward and told the president that the “strong option” was to expel 60 diplomats.

To persuade Mr. Trump, according to people briefed on the conversation, officials including Ms. Haspel also tried to show him that Mr. Skripal and his daughter were not the only victims of Russia’s attack.

Ms. Haspel showed pictures the British government had supplied her of young children hospitalized after being sickened by the Novichok nerve agent that poisoned the Skripals. She then showed a photograph of ducks that British officials said were inadvertently killed by the sloppy work of the Russian operatives.

Ms Haspel was not the first to use emotional images to appeal to the president, but pairing it with her hard-nosed realism proved effective: Mr. Trump fixated on the pictures of the sickened children and the dead ducks. At the end of the briefing, he embraced the strong option.

The problem? No sick children and no dead ducks ever existed. But that’s not a problem for a professional liar who exists above the law. Remember, destroying evidence of a crime is also a crime, and Bloody Gina is directly responsible for allowing evidence of CIA torture to be destroyed, despite calls for Congress for the evidence to be preserved. Her defense that she was just following orders–a defense that didn’t work for the Nazis tried at Nuremberg–was good enough to allow her to keep climbing the career ladder.

Now, here is how MoA described what happened:

The Skripal case was widely covered and we followed it diligently (scroll down). There were no reports of any children affected by ‘Novichok’ nor were their any reports of dead ducks. In the official storyline the Skripals, before visiting a restaurant, fed bread to ducks at a pond in the Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury. They also gave duck-bread to three children to do the same. The children were examined and their blood was tested. No poison was found and none of them fell ill. No duck died. (The duck feeding episode also disproves the claim that the Skripals were poisoned by touching a door handle.)

If the NYT piece is correct, the CIA director, in cooperation with the British government, lied to Trump about the incident. Their aim was to sabotage Trump’s announced policy of better relations with Russia. The ruse worked.

Celebrating deceit and lying to the President should raise serious alarms for us citizens about the intelligence community, but neither Pompeo’s statement, nor Bloody Gina’s lies, have received widespread mainstream media coverage. When Trump criticized the intelligence community back in January of 2017, you better believe the MSM covered it. Also covered, Chuck Schumer’s not-so-veiled threat to Trump when he said this:

“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

“So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this.”

Actually, what appears to be really dumb is expecting enthusiastic liars like Pompeo and Haspel (and Brennan and Clapper, for that matter) to be honest, even with the President of the United States of America. Another thing that would be really dumb is for us citizens to believe anything these anonymous intelligence sources disclose to us through corporate media.

Trump is not the only political disrupter normalizing a new level of brazen deceit. The gloves are coming off on multiple fronts, and the most disturbing ones are getting the least attention.

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