The Don Pogreba Democratic Method: Unity Through Mockery

by William Skink

It must be hard for someone who has spent over a decade promoting Democrats and denouncing Republicans to acknowledge how little difference exists between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to disastrous American foreign policy.

All it took was a link to this pathetic attempt at unifying Democrats to get political scold Don Pogreba to make an appearance, using his highly advanced debating skills to mock my post with this comment:

I know this blog post will stop American militarism in its tracks. Well done!

Obviously my posts will never stop American militarism, that is the point of Pogreba’s mockery. Serious political partisans understand that American militarism is here to stay because they worship at the alter of American exceptionalism. Any critic who deviates from the consensus of American militarism, whether it’s a “humanitarian intervention” in Libya or a coup in Venezuela, deserves to be mocked.

The only presidential hopeful who has explicitly opposed the bipartisan support of the coup in Venezuela, Tulsi Gabbard, was also the target of Pogreba’s mockery. In response to a commenter who said this:

EZ choice. Tulsi Gabbard is the only real one out of that horrible corporatist warmongering bunch.

Don Pogreba had this reply:

Cool take, comrade.

For someone trying to get Democrats unified ahead of the 2020 election, insinuating Tulsi Gabbard and her supporters are communists is an odd way to go about it.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, will avoid the disdain of pathetic partisans for now after his tweets on Venezuela show Sanders to be more aligned with Trump and Neocons/Neoliberals than non-interventionists:

Here’s Shamus Cooke describing how Bernie and the Dems flunked Trump’s test on Venezuela:

After an excruciating day of silence Bernie finally found his voice— by sending three tweets. But the content was revealing, reinforcing the weakness that kept him silent during the first critical day.

Tweet #1 was essentially a point-by-point plagiarism of Trump’s lies used to justify the coup. Bernie Tweeted:

“The Maduro government has waged a violent crackdown on Venezuelan civil society, violated the constitution by dissolving the National Assembly and was re-elected last year in an election many observers said was fraudulent. The economy is a disaster and millions are migrating.”

Instead of targeting Trump’s coup actions Bernie targets the victim. Bernie’s allegation of a fraudulent election is simply slander, since Venezuela’s elections are widely regarded as among the best in the world.

Read the rest of the article for more analysis on Bernie’s disappointing take on the Venezuela coup.

I am not deluded enough to think my barely-read political posts will have any impact on American militarism. But I’m old and stuck in my ways. What Don Pogreba should do if he really wants to protect America’s capacity to kill and destroy is to make sure those high school students he “teaches” understand the futility of opposing war.

With Don’s help Democrats in Montana can identify any potential non-interventionist/communist high school students before they become adults, then Don can instill in them the hopelessness of opposing America’s war machine. If they do unfortunate things, like start reading Counterpunch articles, then Don’s weaponized mockery would be well-placed to ensure they are marginalized enough to understand their opinions don’t matter.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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3 Responses to The Don Pogreba Democratic Method: Unity Through Mockery

  1. dpogreba says:

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Just a view from outer space, but this guy, Pogreba, is extremely arrogant. That means he thinks that he is always right. If someone points out to him an error, he gets very snarky, and rather than being a sincere debater, merely attacks in a overly-defensive and aggressive fashion. I take this it mean that he is a narcissist, perhaps a “shy” or “covert” one. Nasty stuff, nastiest people around. You do not want people like this teaching your children.

    And Hi Don! Shoit out! yes, John Lennon faked his death. You could too.

  3. Eric says:

    You sure worry about what Pogie thinks. Why?

    I dont think that either you or Pogie understand that the Dems were ripped apart in Montana in 2016 when the nomination was ‘fixed’ for Hillary. It split the party into two camps, the elitists, and the foot soldiers.

    Look at the last election:

    Tester should have won easily, yet it took $80,000,000 to get him to re-election.

    Once again the Dems picked an unelectable candidate for the house.

    They have learned nothing. The same bunch that sold out to Hillary is still running the party.

    This is a good thing, because January 2021 will be here son enough, the lightweight, Gov Bullock will still be begging Dems for a job, and Gov Fox will begin repairing the damage from the Schweitzer regime.

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