The Global Power Elite

by William Skink

When Trump was on the campaign trail using the term Globalist I have no doubt he knew what he was doing. The term is absolutely used by some as code for “the jews did it” explanation for all that is bad in the world.

And George Soros. I have to mention George Soros.

This makes talking about the reality of globalists/oligarchs/plutocrats/kleptocrats operating at a financial level beyond most people’s comprehension very difficult. Thankfully Peter Phillips, from Project Censored, put together a handy book, titled GIANTS-The Global Power Elite.

The book has a nice 4-part structure framing the global power elite. The managers are the financial giants, the facilitators are the “policy planning centers of the transnational capitalist class”, the protectors are military, NATO, spooks and private contractors, and the ideologists are the media/propaganda/entertainment arm of the ruling elite.

Hopefully the poisoning/co-opting of one word by hateful, anti-semetic white supremacists won’t taint the concept of a global power elite who truly do exist and truly do exert a tremendous amount of influence over the conditions by which we all must live.

In conclusion, Joe Biden draped a fucking liberty medal around the exposed neck of George W. Bush. I like how Lee Camp put it:

This week George W. Bush was awarded the Philadelphia Liberty Medal to recognize “leadership in the pursuit of freedom.” He had the medal placed around his neck by Joe Biden.

Do you get it now?? It’s a big club of sociopaths jackin each other off. They don’t care about you.

Yep. By the book if you want to be put on a list informed.

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