The True Context Of Trump

by William Skink

As the resistance to Trump focuses on the latest outrage–this time, praising body-slamming Gianforte–the larger context of what Trump represents fails to get the attention it deserves.

Trump is a product of the failure of globalized neoliberalism.

The reaction to this failure has been a globalized ripple effect spreading from Brexit to Brazil. The latter has seen a short and dramatic paradigm shift from a popular, politically left government to an extreme right bid for authoritarian rule.

No political dynasty represents the vile forces of neoliberalism better than the Clintons, and just in time for Halloween their horror show is back on the road, groveling for money and demanding to remain relevant.

Even the DailyBeast is pleading Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please, Just Go.

If there is not a chorus echoing this sentiment, the Clintons will suck energy (and cash) from legitimate efforts to rip the Democratic Party from their reign and the failed ideology that drove it.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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6 Responses to The True Context Of Trump

  1. Eric says:

    What I’m wondering about already, is if the 74 year-old Hillary runs again in 2020, is if the Montana Democrat Party will sell out to her again.

    As far as President Trump praising Greg Gianforte, it makes sense because Greg is cruising toward an easy re-election. This is Montana, not California. If you get in a mans face here you may end up picking yourself up off the floor.

    • Turner says:

      If you get in a cowardly man’s face, a man who weighs over 200 pounds, and you weigh maybe 140 pounds, you will get body-slammed. That’s what cowards do. Especially when the 200 pounder’s leader says that reporters are the enemy of the people.

      • Eric says:

        Wrong Turner – you are thinking of the Dems at the Country Club who have to ask somebody if they have a dick.

        Greg doesn’t have to ask, he knows he has one.

        I’m betting that Guardian reporter is a lot more polite now – lesson learned.

  2. Big Swede says:

    According to Wyoming’s Sec. of State as of October 2018.

    6,057 Democrats changed and registered as Republicans;
    4,355 Unaffiliated persons changed and registered as Republicans;
    744 Unaffiliated persons changed and registered as Democrats;
    477 members of the Constitution and Libertarian parties changed and registered as Republicans;
    430 Republicans changed and registered as Democrats; and
    296 persons of various parties changed and registered as Unaffiliated.

  3. Eric says:

    I don’t have to see it Turner – we are talking deeds, not words.

    I can almost hear the sniveling reporter complaining that he got in a mans face and ended up on the floor. Not Manly. He should stay home where he can sit behind his keyboard and be safe.

    On the other hand, somebody gets in your face too many times and you finally have to teach him a lesson. That’s a Montana Man.

    Gianforte is cruising towards re-election – and the realization will soon hit you that the majority of Montanans hate sniveling lib reporters too.

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