Will Saudigate Replace Russiagate?

by William Skink

Will there be a post-midterm pivot from Russiagate to Saudigate? It looks that way. I’m concerned this long overdue reassessment of the US relationship with the head-chopping royalty of Saudi Arabia is quickly becoming another intelligence operation against the Trump regime.

One of the most important questions that needs to be asked about the Khashoggi killing is, in light of reports that US intelligence had intercepted Saudi officials discussing this plan, why did they not act?

US intelligence intercepted discussions among Saudi officials to capture journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who recently disappeared and is feared murdered, The Washington Post reported.

The discussions, which were relayed to The Post via a person familiar with the information, occurred before Khashoggi disappeared. The officials reportedly wanted to “lure” Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia — his native country — and “lay hands on him there,” the person told The Post.

The Post said it’s not clear what the officials were planning after the capture. It’s also unclear if US intelligence warned him in any way. Ned Price, a former NSC official under President Barack Obama, wondered whether the intelligence community violated a directive that says it has a “duty” to warn potential victims of impending threats.

There is rampant speculation that Khashoggi had knowledge about Saudi Arabia’s role in the 9/11 terrorist attack. As a long-time loyalist with insider access, this speculation is definitely plausible. If he also knew things that would embarrass US intelligence agencies, it could be convenient to let the Saudis kill him.

The US reaction–not just from the Trump regime, but the private sector as well– raises more questions than answers. Trump’s unsolicited floating of the rogue killers theory was almost immediately undermined by reports Saudi Arabia was prepared to admit Khashoggi’s death was the result of a botched interrogation, making Trump look like an idiot (not difficult) trying pathetically to make excuses for his son-in-law’s pal, MbS.

Another line of speculation sees MbS as the rogue element, so perhaps the move against Khashoggi was allowed to happen as part of a larger CIA operation to force the removal of MbS from power.

From the private sector we have Jaime Dimon and other corporate titans dropping out of the “Davos in the Desert“. Do they understand there is a bigger game being played here?

I have been disgusted with the actions of Saudi Arabia for a long time, but something about all this stinks. After the elections, and after Mueller finally admits there isn’t any thing substantial to pin on Trump with Russiagate, I suspect Saudigate will replace it as the intelligence community’s effort to depose Trump takes a new angle.

If oil jumps to $200 a barrel and the economy collapses, that will just be more fuel to use against Trump.

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