Does The Montana Post Still Support A Safe Space For Nazis In Ukraine?

by William Skink

Nazis are bad and should always be opposed, wherever they pop up, right? But what if Russians are involved? Are Russians worse than Nazis? Is Russia so bad that the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend mentality applies?

With a new round of anti-Russian hysteria taking hold, the above stupid questions don’t seem so stupid to me. I’ve heard the deceitful claim that RUSSIAN INVADED UKRAINE so many times recently I’m starting to feel crazy for knowing better.

At The Montana Post, a blogger by the name of The Polish Wolf used to do the heavy lifting in apologizing for America’s instigation of regime change in Ukraine. You can read his “answers” to those pesky questions from the left about the crisis America provoked here, and here is what PW had to say about Nazis:

Aren’t the protestors in Ukraine Nazis or neo-Nazis? It seems quite likely that some of them adhere to radical right-wing ideologies. It’s also clear that the deaths of protestors during the Euromaiden protests have greatly strengthened the hand of the most radical elements. However, even groups like Pravy Sektor or Svoboda, I would hesitate to describe as ‘neo-nazis’, if only because I know some very rational, cosmopolitan Ukrainians who believe that these parties are their best chance to gain national sovereignty. In the several months of peaceful protests before the first protestor deaths, a great many parties from across the political spectrum took part. No radical right wing party currently hold a majority of seats in the Ukrainian parliament or the cabinet.

That was back in April of 2014, before over 30 people were burned alive in a building in Odessa. To contrast the Nazi-apologist above, read this:

Andriy Parubiy, who founded, along with Oleh Tyahnybok, the Social-National Party of Ukraine–subsequently renamed Svoboda (Freedom)–is now Kiev’s National Security Chief and in charge of military operations against Ukrainian civilians who oppose the unelected junta in Kiev. These actions are being termed an “anti-terrorism operation” while the terrorism that accompanied the Maidan coup in Kiev, which included throwing Molotov cocktails on police, neo-Nazis patrolling Kiev in armed groups, and serious allegations regarding Maidan activists hiring snipers who fired on crowds, is accepted as legitimate by the West and not questioned.

John McCain and Victoria Nuland had no qualms meeting with Tyahnybok, although his party, Svoboda, glorifies fascist leaders such as Stepan Bandera, the infamous Ukrainian Nazi, whose Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists was responsible for massacres of tens of thousands of Poles and Jews. ‘Right Sector’ leader Dmytro Yarosh is the security deputy of the interim government. He claims that it is Ukraine’s destiny to be in eternal war with Russiaand espouses Nazi ideals. Members of his group are now an official part of the National Guard and are sent to fight East Ukrainians who do not feel represented by the Kiev government. Right Sector neo-Nazis also received police training in Poland two months before the Maidan coup. US support for Ukrainian Nazis has been taking place for over 70 years.

Let me ask again, is Russia a big enough threat to America that it’s worth empowering literal Nazis in Ukraine?

I’m sure the authors at MP would bristle at the notion they support Nazis in any way. It’s just innocent omissions when they forget to mention the fact American regime change preceded the INVASION of Ukraine and the ANNEXATION of Crimea and has led to, again, LITERAL NAZIS to rise again to positions of influence within a fractured nation.

And if you think things have gotten any better, prepare yourself for a headline you probably never expected to read from a publication like Haartz. Since I’m in the mood for screaming apparently, here it is in big letters:


Seriously. From the link:

A group of more than 40 human rights activists have filed a petition with the High Court of Justice, demanding the cessation of Israeli arms exports to Ukraine.

They argue that these weapons serve forces that openly espouse a neo-Nazi ideology and cite evidence that the right-wing Azov militia, whose members are part of Ukraine’s armed forces, and are supported by the country’s ministry of internal affairs, is using these weapons.

An earlier appeal to the Defense Ministry was met with no response.

So, the next time you hear someone assert Russia invaded Ukraine, ask them if they support Kiev’s safe space for Nazis.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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15 Responses to Does The Montana Post Still Support A Safe Space For Nazis In Ukraine?

  1. Turner says:

    Excuse my naivete, but are you suggesting that Russia had the right to seize Crimea?

    • I think any country will respond to imperial provocations accordingly. imagine what the US would do if Russia imposed regime in Mexico to install a government hostile to US interests. my problem is when partisans talk about Crimea and/or Ukraine they always omit any reference to US actions that preceded Russian reactions.

      do you think America had the right to impose regime change in Ukraine?

  2. Eric says:

    We have enough problems here don’t we?

    My give-a-damn is busted as far as the Ukraine.

    As far as ID / Montana Post goes, I just went over there and took a look, and I’m wondering why anybody would bother. Nothing worth reading there!

  3. petetalbot says:

    With a fascist, racist man-child president who is throwing our allies under the bus, is about to appoint a Supreme Court justice who will rescind Roe v. Wade and grant Trump immunity, who is getting us into a trade war, decided that the American Embassy should be in Jerusalem, attacks the press days after five journalists are shot and killed, ad nauseam… You focus on a four-year-old Montana Post story. Keep up the good work.

    • Big Swede says:

      Are you sure Trump’s a racist Pete?

      Before Melania he dated Kara Young, a black woman.

      • petetalbot says:

        I could be wrong, Swede, Trump does like hanging out with Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam Recordings. But then they have a lot in common:

        • Big Swede says:

          Russ hangs with a racist?

        • Big Swede says:

          By the way Russ supported Hillary for POTUS.

          “Russell Simmons is supporting Hillary Clinton’s bid for president.”-Politico

          “The business magnate called Clinton a longtime friend and slammed her rival, Bernie Sanders, as a candidate who is insensitive to African-Americans’ hardships and is making promises he can’t possible keep.”-Politico

          We all know who else was Hillary’s biggest supporter. Harvey Weinstein.

      • petetalbot says:

        One of the reasons why I was a Bernie supporter, Swede.

        • petetalbot says:

          I should flesh that out a little: first, you can hardly call Weinstein “Hillary’s biggest supporter.” We are definitely going off topic on Skink’s post but let’s look at Trump’s supporters: Charlie Sheen, Dennis Rodman, Roger Ailes, Roseanne Barr and, of course, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, to name but a few.

        • Eric says:

          At the 2016 Democratic Party convention, did the Montana delegates get divided, so many delegates for Bernie, and so many delegates for Hillary, or were they all given to Hillary?

          I’m just curious if the same Dems who decided to sell out the Montana party to Hillary were allowed to go all the way with their support for her.

        • petetalbot says:

          Delegates were split between Hillary and Bernie, Eric, in a ratio corresponding to election results. But we had a number of superdelegates, too: statewide elected officials, state party hierarchy, etc. Most went for Hillary but not all. We’re working on that.

  4. Eric says:

    Thanks Pete – I figured that any Bernie supporters would have been kept away from the microphone for the second round of voting.

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