Israel Comes To Missoula, Current Of Praise Is Strong, While Criticism Is Non-Existent

by William Skink

I want to know how they do it. The media helps, of course. Americans aren’t confronted with images the way they are with the latest White Helmet production. But that’s not a good enough explanation, by itself.

How does he do it? I didn’t expect a response on Facebook when he provided a link about how he explained the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism. I just asked to be pointed to any thing he’s written explaining that Israel is an Apartheid State.


I guess stopping Missoula’s Day of the Dead festival is more important than acknowledging Palestinians are once again being slaughtered by Israel.

Executing a 21 year old Palestinian medic, is that a tipping point? #Hertoo? I don’t know, is it getting any traction on CNN? MSNBC? Getting buried by all brands of corporate media is brutally effective. And if the body count gets too big to ignore, call the one-side slaughter “clashes”.

Criticizing the blockade, criticizing the overtly racist dehumanization fueling Apartheid, engaging in the BDS movement, discussing the function of corporate media and the bipartisan stranglehold on the majority of the political class in providing cover for atrocious war crimes–it can all disappear if you make the magical claim of anti-Semitism.


They want to make Ahed disappear because no, not her too. Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot.

They want to steal more land modeled after the great colonial theft of the new world and who is going to stop them?

Palestinian refugees can’t come to Missoula because if they even dare to approach the walls of their open-air concentration camp they are now being executed by snipers. Even if they are reporters. Even if they are medics.

Where is the outrage in Missoula? It’s definitely not at Missoula Current, where I think the 3rd or 4th article about an Israeli Tech firm has just been published. This one lavishes praise on the role of the Montana World Affairs Council in bringing 100 jobs to Missoula. This after an article just 4 days old, titled A strong handshake, talent and a gut feeling led Israeli tech company to Missoula.

This from the first article:

David had several objectives for his trip. His primary objective was to develop business relationships between Montana and Israel. At the completion of his first trip, he asked, “What do I have to do to build relations between Israel and Montana?” I responded, “Andy, you need to commit to coming back to Montana. Montanans need to see you, they need to develop a relationship with you.”

With that, David did return to Missoula, again and again and again. The council introduced him to the Montana World Trade Center and to Missoula Economic Partnership. We helped make the proper introductions to officials at the governor’s office as well.

David, with the cooperation of Paul Gladen from the Blackstone LaunchPad team at the University of Montana, did a presentation on Israel’s secret sauce for business success. This was the essence of Israeli business success, the collaboration between the private and public sector. It was this cooperation and networking that went on in Missoula, that led to the Montana World Trade Center sponsoring a trade mission of Montana businesses to Israel. The rest as they say, is history.

Would all these Montana institutions be as eager to do business with Apartheid South Africa? How about Nazi Germany? Because those are increasingly becoming valid historical comparisons to make.

And when you make them, prepare for the accusations. If you’re a politician, prepare for AIPAC. And if you’re anyone else, get ready for the Anti-Defemation League.

Is this how they do it? And is anything capable of changing what is happening?

In the meantime, maybe the Israeli tech firm blessing our valley with 100 jobs can develop technology for the IDF to better identify people who shouldn’t be executed by their snipers, like medics, reporters and the 14 dead children not being shown dead on CNN.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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