Sixteen Years Ago Today…

by William Skink

16 years ago America was attacked by terrorists and to this day we see the power of America’s propaganda machine at work to persuade us the terrorists were from mostly Saudi Arabia and they pulled it off without any state support.

How many Americans still believe 3 buildings collapsed as the result of two planes hitting the Twin Towers? Today I discovered one of my co-workers–who is more aware of foreign policy issues than many people I talk to–didn’t even know building 7 came down on 9/11.

16 years and the wars of occupation and humanitarian intervention rage on. What Bush started, and Obama continued, is now in the hands of Trump, who immediately gave immense latitude to the military after surrounding himself with Generals.

A Mother of All Bombs can be dropped and no one can conclusively say if Trump even knew it was going to be used in the field.

A lot has happened in 16 years. Many incremental steps have been taken. Not only have we allowed this to happen, in many ways we have demanded it.

With the political crisis that has resulted from the election of Trump, instead of seeing the continuum it’s like zero hour of a collective freakout from a resistance that isn’t actually addressing core realities lurking beneath a vast manipulation of competing narratives.

It was similar after 9/11. The collective freakout didn’t leave space for grasping concepts like blowback from poorly understood Cold War moves, like arming the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to bleed the Russians.

Three buildings did not fall 16 years ago as a result of two planes hitting two skyscrapers. The fact that that absurdity can still pass as the official story, while skeptics still get smeared as conspiracy theorists, makes me more than a little doubtful a real resistance will ever materialize.

I hope I’m wrong.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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16 Responses to Sixteen Years Ago Today…

  1. Big Swede says:

    No planes, just incredible editing and CGI skills.

    • The woods are dark and deep, miles to go … Every new “revalation” is simply more misdirection and cover-up. For instance, all of the street scenes that day were filmed in advance. Green screens were widely used. The area had been evacuated. Latest theory, which I subscribe to until something better comes along: buildings were empty. No one died. Just a well planned TV show.

  2. Matthew Koehler says:

    16 years ago our office got calls from some national news outlets because (as I was told by the reporters) an FBI informant told them to look into the Native Forest Network’s connection to the September 11th attacks. Remember, most all of the world’s problems can be solved if you #JustBlameEnviros.

    • JC says:

      That’s just like me getting the call from national news outlets at the Ecology Center when the Unabomber was arrested. Seems that someone planted some of our literature in his cabin, or he had an interest in a conference we had put on and he attended — take your pick. In any case, we learned about the arrest from the CNN reporter asking us about our “member” the Unabomber. Always convenient to blame the enviro.

  3. Eric says:

    Building 7 had uncontrolled fires started on 10 floors from the other buildings, and the water mains were damaged so there were no sprinklers. The fires burned 7
    Hours until a girder joint separated and ‘voila – a progressive
    Collapse. The conspiracy theories have been thoroughly disproven here.

  4. steve kelly says:
    Hoax? Psy-op? A more credible account than the MSM, which always seems to be in on the con.

  5. steve kelly says:

    Small matter often overlooked.

    • The people who planned this event had years, and so devised a thousand rabbit holes, from this, the Rumsefeld psyop, to short sales on American Airlines and Morgan Stanley to Dr. Judy Wood (whose role was to offer a cover story for the abence of metal and wiring and toilets in the debris – the buildings has been stripped in the ensuing years since the ’93 bombing, also false flag. The idea is this: If you are too smart to believe the official story, they have others. You can pick and choose. Jim Fetzer has mini nukes, Richard Hall has holographic planes. Pick ’em.

      What really happened? Six buildings were demolished, there was an explosion at the Pentagon, no planes, no one harmed in the making if the TV show. This is merely a workign theory, and I am not part of the research, but timdoes tie in to all of the other fake events where no one died or was harmed, Boston, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Orlando, Charlotteville, Paris, Norway, Brussels, Columbine, OKC, Waco … someone has to do an in-depth analysis of Guiana and JIm Jones. I hope it is not me. These things are time sinks that just absorb a person in total..

        • Solzhenitsyn was a gifted writer, but there are many gifted writers out there who never achieve notoriety. In his case, because he highlighted material and other differences between the West and the Soviets, he was given fame, asylum, and his work was heavily promoted. He said the right things to the right audience.

          In the same situation, someone who wrote negatively about the West, say a Chomsky or a long list of names you will never had heard of, received no publicity. His books were never listed or reviewed in the right places, he was never granted an interview on any American mainstream “news” presentation. (It turns out that Chomsky is a spook, controlled Opposition, but the point stands nonetheless.)

        • Big Swede says:

          Maybe Noam should have been thrown in jail with forced labor by an oppressive government to attain righteous interviews.

        • We don’t do things like that here. I cannot say for sure the Soviets did either, as there is so much propaganda in play. “We good they bad” was drilled into us. It takes research. Trusitng your authority figures to keep you informed is a bad way to live.

          The style of oppression as we are told the Soviets did was never effective. It was crude and ham-handed. Censorship is only truly effecitve if you don’t know it is there. They knew. That is why the American system is so effective. We are immersed in censorship, up or our eyeballs in propaganda and lies, and do not know it. It is devastatingly effective, creating perhaps the most deeply indoctrinated population the world has ever seen, true zombies. North Korean officials, if those stories are true, are rank amateurs.

    • There are “useful idiots.” Reagan was one, assuredly, as is Rand Paul, if he is real. He comes off like controlled opposition, however, a sheep dog. Randians are useful idiots. Most of the leaders of our so-called “left” are not that, but rather controlled opposition, which is the only reason they gain notariety. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Daniel Ellsberg, Jane Fonda, Abbie Hoffman, Bill Ayers, John Kerry as a young medal tosser, Dennis Kucinich, John Stewart, Bill Maher, Jesse Jackson, Betty Friedan, Thom Hartman, on and on … government agents all. That is the only reason we know their names. True leaders exist but … remain anonymous. Our system of censorship makes sure they are never seen or heard.

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead them ourselves”, as Lenin is said to have said. It is not practiced just now and then, but is ubiquitous.

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