Rob Quist Woes and the Democratic Status Quo

music by William Skink

While I have never performed a musical set on stage, I have certainly rocked out in my garage and it can be a workout. Will Montana’s special election hinge on how healthy one must be to play music shows?

I agree with James Conner, the latest drip from Quist’s financial woes is going to leave a mark:

After today’s report on Rob Quist’s finances, I wouldn’t bet a cold road apple that he’ll win Montana’s special election for Congress. Billing Gazette writer Tom Lutey reports that Quist played 35 gigs in 2011, but told his bank he was in such poor health he could not work and thus could not make payments on his mortgage.

Facts more favorable to Quist may be missing from Lutey’s report, but the drip, drip, drip, of bad news on this subject is becoming a firehose blast of adverse news that’s drowning out his advocacy for a single-payer health care system.

Quist was hobbled out of the gate when tentacles of the Democrat political machine–the DCCC–withheld financial support amidst GG’s tv blitz. Did they know what the opposition research was turning up?

Quist could have weathered the personal issue of medical debt. Initially I thought it could actually made Quist more relatable. But then details dribbled out, like screwing a contractor and getting sued by former band mates.

Now, with Quist’s alleged lie to the bank about his inability to pay his mortgage, things aren’t looking good. The hope that national funds will start pouring in seems to have evaporated. How will the party faithful respond?

If Quist loses, the Democratic leadership should be purged. But they won’t be because they still don’t think the problem is with them. But it is, and a recent Counterpunch piece highlighted how the Democratic Party continues shunning Sanders surrogates:

While Democratic Party leaders preach unity, and continue touting DNC Chair Tom Perez with Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN), despite the great lengths the establishment took to ensure Sanders-backed Ellison didn’t win the DNC Chair race, the Democratic Party establishment continues to carry an abrasive attitude toward Bernie Sanders and progressives. Though resistance to Trump is a unifying force, any push for reform and changes within the Democratic Party have been obstructed at every turn since Hillary Clinton’s election loss. The Democratic Party has learned nothing, and while Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard remain favorites among Bernie Sanders supporters and likely have bright futures as progressive leaders, the Democratic Party leadership sees them as political opponents, and will continue to attack them when convenient, and insist on their support and loyalty when it suits them, as they have done with Bernie Sanders and his supporters since the Democratic Primaries.

Progressives are the abused spouse who refuses to leave the abuser. How much blatant disdain are progressives willing to take before they realize it’s time for a divorce?

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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14 Responses to Rob Quist Woes and the Democratic Status Quo

  1. Big Swede says:

    There’s a stark difference between Conner and the water carriers at ID. James at least has some ties to reality whereas Don and Pete struggle to find mud that actually sticks to Republican candidates.

    The latest desperate attempt is the ask, “Where is Greg Gianforte?”. How about busy making plans for numerous election celebration parties.

  2. Turner says:

    The Congressional Leadership Fund, bankrolled by a handful of billionaires, has promised to pour $700,000 into Montana media to destroy Rob Quist and support fellow billionaire Greg Gianforte. They’ve bought numerous TV smear ads and have dug up as much dirt on Quist as possible. Quist apparently doesn’t have enough money to respond.

    I’m skeptical of the well funded claims suggesting that Quist has been dishonest or unethical. Having to scramble to make a living sometimes involves financial embarrassment. This is something the very wealthy have no idea about.

  3. Rob Quist is being had by the DCCC. Meanwhile the latest mitosis, er, person-hood amendment passed 59-41. Do the Republicans have the 2/3 majority to get a constitutional initiative through?
    What I learned from listening to the hearing is that Annie Bukacek knows what is best for ALL women, that none of the proponents mentioned nutrition, education, civil rights or affordable healthcare- let alone affordable housing. I also noticed that none of the proponents mentioned sponsors and cosponsors hostilities towards bicyclists, the working class, an unapproved gender,sexually nonconforming to Jeff Lazlofsky’s standards or any of the millions of living breathing refugees fleeiong from any of the 147 countries that the United States of America is presently
    warring on.
    Is it possible that no one else has notice that the backers of the mitosis bill have chosen not to fund services for children, seniors or people with disabilities?

  4. Eric says:

    If you look at the President and the way he treats the status quo in general, wouldn’t true progressives be best off to sign onto the Trump Train?

  5. James Conner says:

    JC, I’ve clarified my post on burning barns. Only with a proper court order.

    • Big Swede says:

      No, James you’re on to something. I was thinking about a new mini series called “Mad Cow”.

      It’s where an Agriculture Professor teams up with a former student to sell raw milk out of an RV. Episode 16 has his brother in law, whose the sheriff, burring down their cow barn.

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