Happy Birthday, Jim

by William Skink

Today is Jim Morrison’s birthday. My impression of this man has changed dramatically since my first exposure to his music through the movie Lost Boys.

Knowing what I know now about the exploitation that occurs where power and influence resides–like Hollywood and Washington DC–the movie was the perfect vehicle of introduction to the music of The Doors.

The Lost Boys is not a horror movie about vampires. It is a metaphor for what powerful men in Hollywood do, sucking the life force from their victims. Corey Haim was one of those victims, according to the other Corey, Corey Feldman, who also acted in the movie.

And once you’re turned, you must continue to exist in the darkness.

It’s bizarre to see pedophilia being churned about now in the spin cycle of mainstream media after 4Channers and Reddit sleuths pieced together bits of data that by themselves don’t mean much–but as the data accumulates, and is added to past scandals, like the Franklin network in Nebraska, outright dismissal of something significant lurking within the spectrum of accusations is harder to maintain.

Over the summer I read everything I could on Jim Morrison, including all the biographies of the band members (except Robbie, who hasn’t written on). Jim Morrison is a character of sorts in the story I’m writing, so it was mostly research.

But it’s not all research.

Though I don’t have much to back this up, I have a hunch that Jim Morrison was abused as a child, either by his military father, or possibly someone in his family. Because I’m writing a work of fiction, I get to use my creative license to explore this hunch as it relates to the larger narrative.

That’s of course assuming a creative license is still allowed in America. In the coming witchhunts, I suspect artists are going to have to be very careful and clever to avoid the detection of the new censors.

Part of what’s happening with the debate over Pizzagate, at least in this 50+ page thread at Rigorous Intuition, is a debate over the validity of using works of art as part of the data set justifying calls for a formal investigation.

One of the artists being referenced in this debate is Kim Noble, who is allegedly a survivor and has dissociative disorder (once called multiple personality disorder) as a result of the abuse she experienced. In that context, her art is part of a therepeutic process of healing from severe trauma.

But her website is a dot com, so works can be purchased for money. The question then becomes who would want this kind of art hanging on their walls? A patron who wants to support a struggling artist, or a pedophile who is aroused by depictions of past trauma by a victim of abuse?

With some of this in mind, I offer my latest piece, Canyons of LA. I hope what I lack in vocal talent I make up with lyrical content and image arrangement. Enjoy!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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14 Responses to Happy Birthday, Jim

  1. Big Swede says:

    Today also is the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. Between Jim’s death and Lennon’s murder you must be trolling for Mark T..

    • you mean the Mark T that thinks pedo-networks don’t exist but Janis Joplin became Amy Goodman?

      • JC says:

        I think today it is that Standing Rock didn’t happen.

      • I don’t “think” that Janis Joplin became Amy Goodman, but rather put up evidence. I know and accept that people dismiss it out of hand because it seems illogical. Had you gone through the months of trying to figure out Laurel Canyon (part of Operation Chaos) as we did, then you’d be a little more accepting that a thing like that is possible – Janis was a set of twins, she was not a drug user or alcoholic (that was her image due to predictive programming so that we would not question her fake death), and she was not a talented singer. Our photographic evidence that both she and her sister became the Amy Goodman twins is quite strong. But I cannot lead a horse to water. Belief is the enemy of knowledge.

        But set all of that aside. That will always go on. Ridicule is the lowest form of criticism, and offers the comfort of groupthink.

        We have not dismissed pedophile rings! We have simply not found any evidence. We had a very thoughtful comment from a man named I know personally who goes by “Maarten” and who is qualified to speak about the Catholic Church subject. His findings were that there was a certain amount of pedophilia in all religions, even the Amish, and that the Catholics were not the worst offenders. As a group, he says the worst offenders are public school teachers, Catholics have been selected to suffer because they are a powerful body, and Intelligence wants to weaken them, and has. The pedophile scandal is a successful psyop. I did not begin to suspect that until the movie Spotlight came out, heralding the Boston Globe for journalism. Since we don’t have journalism, I knew something smelled.

        And Swede, John Lennon’s “murder” was also a psyop. I cannot of course say why, but speculate that certain people – RFK, MLK, Lennon – are set up to be tragic figures as a way of killing hope in the population. “It seems the good they die young,” as they say. These three in particular did not die – they fake died, and took hope with them. I have seen Lennon alive. I did a facial analysis, and it stands as very strong evidence that he was a live in 2008. I am currently working on the theory that he, like McCartney, is a set of twins. I have identified them separately, but the evidence is not yet convincing. I need a smoking gun, so to speak. I may never find it, but I can now identify the twins with a few quick measurements.

        Anyway, gentlemen, if you want to take pot shots at me, you know where I live. Doing it on another forum where you think I will not answer is not courageous.

        • you haven’t found any evidence of pedo-rings? is that because you’r too busy staring at online pictures of Taylor Swift?

          you also claim the pipeline protests are a hoax. where is your evidence it’s a hoax?

        • We do light and heavy lifting. Taylor Swift is of royal blood, does not write her own music, is not talented in the sense that those who play Beethoven’s Ninth are talented. Seh took voices lessons, learned an instrument, and was red carpeted to fame. The name Swift is no accident. She is related to Jonathon. We are finding royal blood coursing through everyone who is famous. Ours is a thinly veiled monarchy, with politicians, entertainers, corporate executives and wealthy families all descended from royal blood lines. Her Wikipedia family is fake, it appears. And she is a twin. I feel better knowing these things than not. I never for a second thought two years ago I’d be doing things like I am. I am having fun blogging. Are you? You don’t seem to be.

          I know about Presidio, Franklin, have wrung my hands about them just as any good readers of books does. But in the end, I don’t know of a kid who has come forward as a victim or an adult who has faced charges. I know of a friend of my brother’s who was defrocked. He was guilty as charged and fessed up, begging for mercy, which he did not get. I don’t know what he did, exactly. I know about Eyes Wide Shut. I have read McGowan on the subject. I have read Maury Terry.

          I am not convinced. I don’t say it is impossible. I am convinced McGowan, who probably is still alive, is a spook. I suspect the same of Terry. Same with John Potash. But I have come around to the back door of these things, the psyop angle. Realizing as I do now that Son of Sam was fake, and that Berkowitz is not in prison, that Jeffrey Dahmer is alive and well and never killed or ate anyone, that Mark David Chapman is a set of twins (who are not in prison), I am seeing psyop. We proved (to my satisfaction) the JonBenet Ramsey was a hoax. Sometime soon I’ll put up another post about Madeleine McCann, another hoax. So I am seeing hoax in the pedophilia rings, just another way that Intel creates division, paranoia, and distrust.

          I have suggested to you in the past that before you dive into righteous anger over these events, to prove to yourself they really happened. Instead you go after me, insisting I prove they did not.

          Why do I think Standing Rock is a hoax? Because we know about it. If it was real, it would not be reported. Same with Pizzagate. We don’t have news. It is all fake. Only the news that you get from marginalized blogs is real, and I hope you see that Pizzagate is being used to attack us.

  2. Matthew Koehler says:

    December 8th was also the one year anniversary of the death of John Trudell, Native American activist, artist and poet. Here’s his “Crazy Horse” spoken word featuring our buddy Quiltman’s traditional vocals put together with scenes from a powerful moment at Standing Rock.

  3. this, Mark, is what is wrong with your world view:

    “Why do I think Standing Rock is a hoax? Because we know about it. If it was real, it would not be reported.”

    • I don’t think you realize the degree of media control that exists. If you realize that the “Amy Goodman” twins are just one aspect, put there to catch and control drift, gatekeepers, it would help. I don’t think you truly appreciate the notion of “false leaders.” It is the essence, the mother’s milk of American politics. I don’t think you yet appreciate the degree of use of agents provocateur to create media events for unstated reasons.

      Once you get a better sense of all of that, then you will better appreciate my world view. I am automatically suspicious of anything that gains traction.

  4. nemo says:

    I’ll posit this then repair to the Nautilus for a snifter of brandy and some fine caviar. The chasm dividing Mark and you may not be as deep nor wide as you believe. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year gentlemen. Interesting times indeed!

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