Obama’s Democratic Legacy: Rotten from the Beginning

by William Skink

While it might seem like I’ve always disdained the Obama regime, there was actually a period before the election in 2008 where I suspended my disbelief and allowed the hopium to fire my synapses with cautious optimism. I even teared up a little when Obama spoke on campus.

I remember precisely when the disappointment hit, followed quickly by the realization that the potential for change was nothing more than a slick ad campaign: the cabinet appointments, specifically little Timmy G., the sniveling twat who got Treasury.

With wikileaks email dumps coming fast and furious, I fully agree with the New Republic’s framing of the revelations: the most important one doesn’t have anything to do with Hillary:

The most important revelation in the WikiLeaks dump of John Podesta’s emails has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. The messages go all the way back to 2008, when Podesta served as co-chair of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team. And a month before the election, the key staffing for that future administration was almost entirely in place, revealing that some of the most crucial decisions an administration can make occur well before a vote has been cast.

Michael Froman, who is now U.S. trade representative but at the time was an executive at Citigroup, wrote an email to Podesta on October 6, 2008, with the subject “Lists.” Froman used a Citigroup email address. He attached three documents: a list of women for top administration jobs, a list of non-white candidates, and a sample outline of 31 cabinet-level positions and who would fill them. “The lists will continue to grow,” Froman wrote to Podesta, “but these are the names to date that seem to be coming up as recommended by various sources for senior level jobs.”

So how do these lists stack up to who got the job? The article goes on:

The cabinet list ended up being almost entirely on the money. It correctly identified Eric Holder for the Justice Department, Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security, Robert Gates for Defense, Rahm Emanuel for chief of staff, Peter Orszag for the Office of Management and Budget, Arne Duncan for Education, Eric Shinseki for Veterans Affairs, Kathleen Sebelius for Health and Human Services, Melody Barnes for the Domestic Policy Council, and more. For the Treasury, three possibilities were on the list: Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, and Timothy Geithner.

This was October 6. The election was November 4. And yet Froman, an executive at Citigroup, which would ultimately become the recipient of the largest bailout from the federal government during the financial crisis, had mapped out virtually the entire Obama cabinet, a month before votes were counted. And according to the Froman/Podesta emails, lists were floating around even before that.

Democrats should be outraged over this. At the highest level of the party, bankers were calling the shots, placing their preferred women and non-whites (identity politics!) in prominent positions of power. And boy, did it work out for them.

Now that the curtain has been torn open, we can see how nearly every dark suspicion of corruption and deceit has been confirmed. Pay to play? Yep. Media collusion with the Clinton campaign? Absolutely (you understand why I had to use Fox, right?). Privately (and explicitly) acknowledging our “allies” support ISIS terrorists while publicly supporting those same allies? Why the fuck not, worked great in the 80’s with Afghanistan, didn’t it?

There is so much more, and probably more to come, but the next Trump tape will be the focus when it comes out.

And that’s too bad, because there needs to be a serious reckoning for Democrats as all this ugly shit gets dragged into the light of day.

Thank you Wikileaks! The truth may hurt, but how can we expect anything to change if we don’t know how deep the rot has grown in DC?

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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3 Responses to Obama’s Democratic Legacy: Rotten from the Beginning

  1. steve kelly says:

    (Actor-agent) Michelle quoting Michelle — but 180 degrees opposite from 2008. I suppose that’s what lawyers are trained to do.

  2. Big Swede says:

    When Men Become Truly Free by Colin Ryan

    There comes a times in the lives of men

    When the ruthless and the criminally insane

    Who rule the masses for their own gain

    Make the fatal mistake of enjoying too much

    Their psychopathic entertainment

    They lose control in their lust for blood

    And take too far their need to tread men down

    By destroying any sense of a secure life

    And taking away each and every freedom

    Stealing the last piece of wealth they possess

    So they cannot even care for their own

    Stifling their voice with laws and corruption

    Beating them down with rule by force

    Where no justice exists for those being played

    And there is no direction left for men to turn

    When this insane game is taken this far

    Comes the time when men have nothing left to lose

    This is the time when the minds of men are freed

    It is a time when man loses his fear of death

    This is the time when a man becomes invincible

    He becomes free to do whatever he must do

    Without fear for his life or for his future

    He will take control of the destiny of the world

    Away from the bloodied hands of the soulless

    Any action he takes he will take with a surety

    That he must do something for he has no future

    So the act he chooses will be all the greater

    For when faced with oblivion and with no way out

    He will take down as many of his oppressors with him

    Gladly die in a selfless act to change the world’s future

    This day is coming soon as it always does

    The perverse minds of evil always self destruct

    As their addiction to our suffering can never be sated

    Exerting control for their paranoia and fear of men

    For every good man will take down these brutes

    Every free man will give up himself for his brothers

    For a man with nothing left becomes fully empowered

    And he is the most unassailable weapon against evil

  3. Julie says:

    Obama said something to the effect of “The future should not belong to anyone who condemns the prophet Muhammad” in 2012. Some silly movie shook up the Mahommedan worshippers and they were forced to blow up everything in sight. I used to be a liberal Democrat. Not anymore. I almost don’t blame Republicans for despising Liberals.
    I CONDEMN Islam, Sharia Law, and everything it stands for. Obama had a list of Islamists he put into our government. The war is on the putrid ideology of Islam. Unfortunately, they insist on calling Islam a ‘religion.’ I used to be completely neutral on Muslims and Islam. I failed to learn from their 1400 year history.

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