Hey Democrats, Would You Like Some Gender Equality with Your Rape Culture Outrage?

by William Skink

It’s getting brutal on Facebook. The Trump/Clinton spectacle is turning people on each other. Those of us with kids have to get more and more creative in limiting their exposure to this toxic shit spewing from the various forms of media we consume.

I have never seen the media use this much of their influence to destroy a political figure, then thrash about when that once powerful influence fails to produce the desired results. It just doesn’t seem to matter how many Republicans defect or terrible thing Trump says, the anger is so white hot (pun intended), Trump is still standing. Not only that, but pussygate is receding after the quip about Hillary being in jail landed hard last night.

Once upon a time the media could douse sparks of populism before a serious conflagration could take hold. The Dean Scream is a perfect example, amplifying a second of exuberance from Howard Dean on the campaign trail into a fatal loop that killed his campaign.

The media must be thinking back fondly on those days, realizing now that what they thought was water turned out to be jet fuel (and jet fuel is really dangerous because it can cause entire buildings to just collapse into their own footprint).

The latest attempt to bring Trump down entails linking his crude remarks to rape culture. Don’t get me wrong, Trump’s casual attitude about sexually assaulting women is absolutely a facet of rape culture, but there’s a problem with this line of attack: the Clintons.

There is plenty of evidence and credible accusations that Bill Clinton is a sexual predator. And there are also accusations that Hillary’s role has been to protect this sexual predator by going after his victims. Slut-shaming is not just a prosecutorial tactic Hillary used to benefit her client, it’s been a strategy used, when necessary over the years, to protect her own rise to power.

It shouldn’t be hard for Democrats to understand how women enable rape culture, especially Missoula Democrats. Remember that Grizzly football player accused of rape in Missoula? Yeah, it wasn’t just men coming to his defense, there were plenty of his female peers engaging in slut-shaming to protect the team that bestows a social status highly coveted by some.

But this aspect of rape culture won’t retain the White House for team Democrat. Instead local partisans will trot out some newbie blogger to utter this kind of partisan crap:

When you, people of the United States, step into the voting booth in November, remember that the president (along with other elected officials) is supposed to represent not only your political views, but also the United States as a nation. When the rest of the world looks at us, the president is who they see. When your son or daughter or mother or father thinks about the face of America, the president is who they see. Is this the way we see ourselves? As defenders of rape and propagators of hate? If you feel that way, then go ahead and vote for Mr. Trump. I’m not going to stop you, nor do I have any right to. Just remember that your vote has consequences.

Nope, not going to work, but Kudos kid for giving it the old college try. And I will add that if you are planning on wasting your consequential vote on Hillary Clinton, you are absolutely defending rape–the rape of entire nations, not to mention the propagation of an end-stage imperialism that probably feels a lot like hate to the poor bastards living in countries that try to determine paths of development outside America’s insatiable lust for total control.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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