Hiding in Plain Sight: John-Mark


Having been intrigued by another blogger’s new found life’s calling examining the seeming early deaths of so many of our “talented” comedians, musicians, actors and politicians, I thought I’d try my hand at the craft. But never did I think I’d come across this: said blogger has all along been nothing more than a “deceased” comedic actor hiding in plain site! Yes, you heard that right. Mark Tokarski is John Candy!

John Candy died a very mysterious death in Durango, Mexico. While he was working on the movie Wagons West! it was reported that he died of an apparent heart attack. Adding to the mystery was the fact that right before he died he sold his interest in the Toronto Argonauts, worth millions. So he had plenty of money with which to assume a new identity and leave his life as a failing actor before he became a footnote in the annals of Hollywood.

An official autopsy was never performed, and circumstances were setup to implicate that John had a heart attack. But it seems that he tipped off some people that he was going to disappear in Mexico, and his “funeral” was attended by many of his comedian friends, and Dan Akroyd — his business partner — gave the eulogy. No doubt Dan and John Candy’s other friends had the last laugh at a private get together after the sham funeral. And John Candy would be 65 this year, apparently about the same age as Mark!

Using the incredible techniques developed by Mark Tokarski at Pieceofmindful.com, I discovered that John Candy and Mark bear an incredible likeness. I adjusted the pictures so that the pupils were equidistant, and superimposed on the other, and just as Mark has said, facial features lining up are a unique event — one in millions. Well, obviously John Candy died and replaced Mark Tokarski in 1994. What happened to the original Mark is not known at this time, but I will keep investigating to see where he turned up. Maybe he has a twin brother somewhere that had an identity to assume. Maybe the mob that John was associated with (we know all actors who own bars in Chicago are mob-related!) took Mark out and threatened his family so they would keep it hush.

So here is the evidence that I present to you, the first picture being the two images I assembled from Mark’s Linkedin public profile, and the other from a John Candy fan site.


And here is the composite image of the two, with John Candy overlaid on the left. Look at the remarkable match — the bags under the eyes, the dimples and chipped teeth, the double chin! Apparently John was able to lose much of the weight he put on while under the stress of being an actor and of all his other business interests, after assuming Mark’s identity. Everybody knows how hard it is for an actor to deal with stress, and John did it by eating. Mark’s nose has been surgically altered to give it a little bit of a hook, but that was done so that it wasn’t quickly apparent to the average shmuck that they were being duped. The crook in the nose remained the same after reconstructive plastic surgery. Everything else lines up perfectly — ear lobes, eyebrows, lips, receding hair line!

Amazing what one can do with an expert application of Photoshop like Mark has taught us how to do! And I find it fascinating that the match between the two in these photos is even better than any of the photo pairs that Mark has assembled. What an awesome way to discover the true reality of the lifestyles of the rich and famous!

I give you John-Mark:


Apologies to the family, friends and fans of John Candy for this piece of sarcasm.


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23 Responses to Hiding in Plain Sight: John-Mark

  1. That’s pretty good. I will try it myself. Of course, the eyes do not line up. Mine are higher. That usually means two different people. (We both have smiling eyes, just an aside.) We have nice teeth. My nose is bigger. You have to get perfect alignment. You have not succeeded. Distance between nose and mouth cannot be changed, though lips can be thinned. You really had to do your best there to create some alignment and not distort the other features. My nose is not hooked, just longer. Often in plastic surgery they will make a ridge on the nose, but they will not make it larger and pulpier, as mine is. And, I am 6 feet and 210, 36 inch waist, muscular build, little extra body fat for a 66 year old. Candy was quite obese. He had to go to a fat farm to become me. I’ll be back.

    But anyway, well played.

    I have been concentrating on Laurel Canyon where there were something on the order of 80 deaths in the period 65-75, all premature. The odds against that are incalculable. Something else was going on. Discovery that Bill Hicks became Alex Jones (evidence compelling) led me to suspect that many of these deaths, few of which turn up on the Social Security Death Index, were merely a realignment of troops, calling in the soldiers from Operation Chaos. And indeed I have found three of them reincarnated, Brandon DeWilde became Thom Hartmann, and Sharon Tate became her younger sister, and tomorrow I will show that Bobby Fuller became Bill O’Reilly. I don’t monkey with the photos, or try to force results, as you have.

    It either works or not, but the key is premature death. If you are on top of things, you will see a bigger picture where Intelligence was pulling out the stops, and creating the looks, music and movies of the period. They ingested a whole generation with LSD free of charge knowing it destroys minds. Most of the “rock stars” of that period were merely assets, some of whom caught on, most not. The side players, the ones who did not catch on, we’re fake-killed and recalled to home base. I would assume most of them went on to mundane lives but a few with dynamic personalities and intellectual gifts were repurposed … Ergo Hartmann and O’Reilly, talented men. And I look at Gram Parsons, and I see that spark, an actor, and a good one, and I know he is someone else now … My current guess, Wolf Blitzer. But like Tokarski/Candy … Just not quite there,

    I learned quite a while ago that we are OK and left alone, like kids in the schoolyard, doing what you are doing – the doom and gloom politics. It keeps you busy. But it is not that simple. There are smart people, like me, but then there are really, really smart people. I am discovering the hidden acitivies of these really, really smart people. They’ve been running a scam on us of unimaginable cleverness. They kept me running in circles for decades trying to figure out who shot JFK when the guy didn’t even die! I am messing with genius as I uncover these activities. I don’t for a second imagine I will ever pose them or outsmart them. I am just having fun.,

    I welcome your sneering. You’ve miles to go. I was you once. I understand I can’t be hurt by these things. It’s gone so far beyond that. Anyway I will be back with my own Tokarski/Candy comparison, as it is educational.

    • petetalbot says:

      Gram Parsons is Wolf Blitzer? JC’s Tokarski/Candy inference is more credible. I remember being taken down at this site for calling Mark delusional. Since I’m not a professional psychoanalyst, I was told, I couldn’t make that diagnosis. I rest my case.

      • I’ll have to show you the photo work up .. Oh wait. You’re Pete. Screw evidence here. It does not move you.

        Parsons is really interesting and I have been trying to place him. His family background is spook all the way, musical talent nil, death a painfully obvious fake (friends stole his body to cremate at Joshua Tree? Yes, totally believable. However, without a body we have no proof of death, right? )

        There seems to be a lot of personality there (even as the Byrds had hardly any real talent). His facial features line up with Blitzer’s precisely, but Blitzer’s scruffy looks are offputting, So most people don’t buy it. I am getting kickback on that one (and on Mark David Chapman too, but I do trust my own judgment). Something is holding me back on Parsons … Gram tends to,p line up easily with others too, but just …. Not …. Quite. He is still alive I am sure. I just don’t know as who.)

        Blitzer is an obvious fake, working for CNN and all that, and I suspect we will figure him out. Right now I am thinking Parsons. Just not enough to hit the match button.

        Anyway, Pete, you’re not a reachable person, so what is written above is for others. Your own situation is well described by John Cleese. Enjoy.


    • graemebird says:

      Haha. Well its a shame if you aren’t John Candy. He was an exceptionally good comedian, is terribly missed, and died way too young.

  2. Tokarski/Candy just doesn’t work. You monkeyed with it, didn’t you. Tokarski/Tokarski (me in my late 20s versus a couple of years ago, early 60s, works. Try it on yourself, being honest.

  3. Oh well, I invite everyone over to my website to look at the comparisons, which did not print here.

  4. Oh, and I just saw JC as the author of the above piece, and now realized that he studied Photoshop for a semester in college. That pretty well seals it. Of course, I only use Photoshop to adjust the alignment of images, rotating them so they are straight across rather than tilted. But who am I to argue with a real expert, that semester, as I learned, a substitute for thinking.

    Anyway, you wanna mess with me, JC, bring it. Also, wear a helmet. It will get rough.

  5. petetalbot says:

    Margaret Thatcher was really Janis Joplin. Justice Clarence Thomas was really Jimi Hendrix. Mitt Romney was really Jim Morrison. Have I missed anyone, Mark? And who do you think Prince will come back as?

    • You’re mildly amusing, Mr. Incurious.. I remind you here of my observation on the intellectual state of American liberalism, which I wrote a couple of years ago:

      These attitudes you have adopted – I know they comfort you. You are indifferent and incurious about the important events of our times. You are smug about it, thinking yourself wise to be so. But I must advise you that from a distance your attitude is indistinguishable from stupidity.

      That’s you to a tee, smug and stupid.

      Indeed. Joplin might have suffered bad plastic surgery and become Sally Jessy Raphael, the poor sad woman. Yikes! But we get a facial matchup there. Morrison was body doubled prior to his fake death, but I am suspicious that he was merely an actor hired because of his incredible charm and good looks, and left public life because he was rather untalented. He was no admiral’s son. That part was fake. His girlfriend, or beard, Pamela Courson, has now body doubled Barbara Walters, but I have not figured out when. Walters retired, might be dead, is said to he 83. Courson would be 69. That one is dead-on too. We’ve been trying to place Hendrix and finally got a hit with Cornell West. Dead on match up.

      Stay tuned.

      Because I know the “who” of these affairs, DeWilde becoming Hartmann, Fuller to O’Reilly, Mansfield to Betty White, Sutcliffe to Andy Warhol, Duane Allman to Lemmy, does not mean that I understand the why. Why the intel people who manage our perceptions chose to recycle their kids and other people in these roles rather than go and find new talent is a mystery.

      • petetalbot says:

        And the hits just keep coming.

      • Oh, I know you imagine yourself too smart to be curious about such things. That is why I wrote my indictment of American liberals above. I was tired of the smugness coupled with incuriosity, as if incuriosity were a virtue! I cannot imagine living like that.

        Anyway, stay dull Pete. You never disappoint.

        • petetalbot says:

          And stay crazy, Mark, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

        • People running in intellectual circles around you, you not even passively aware, and have the temerity to question someone’s sanity? If stick in the mud is a mental disease, you have got it. What the hell is wrong with you? Did you even bother to watch the Cleese video I offered you? It was about you.

        • petetalbot says:

          Take a deep breath, Mark, and go back to linking dead celebrities with live ones. It’s fascinating (yawn). BTW, I saw the Cleese video months ago.

        • Oh don’t take a deep breath me. You saw the Cleese video, did not realize it was about you? That validates the Cleese video. He is dead on.

          You’re the epitome of what we are up against, this brain-dead intelligentsia that has stepped into the shoes of a once vibrant intellectual culture. Invasion of the body snatchers. You’re trained in being unobservant and incurious, bad enough, but also think these are virtues!

          You watched news last night, saw Dallas, uncritically accepted everything you saw on your TV to be true. Are ya proud to be an American? Are ya?

        • petetalbot says:

          Yeah, the “vibrant intellectual culture” spends its time photoshopping dead celebrity photos. Keep up the good work, Mark.

        • OK, patience is key here. Pete is a tortoise on the highway.

          All of us die. It is far more likely that we live into our sixties and beyond than to die young. There are young deaths, but they are rare, most often accidents. With me so far?

          In the LA scene 65-75, there were an unusual ply high number if deaths of very young musicians and actors. Too many, in fact. It was a small community of maybe a couple of hundred singers, actors, and fake musicians, most of them very bad. I read Dave McGowan’s Wierkd Scenes in Laurel Canyon once, but second time through, made a list of deaths.,

          That is what spurred my curiosity. Please try to understand. You are by nature incurious and automatically accept everything handed you on a plate as lunch, and then eat it. But sometimes you are fed shit.

          I thought that these people are not dying, they are not on drugs, don’t commit suicide and all of that. I frankly thin Janis Jolin had healthy habits, for instance. It is a very small group. All of them are going to live into their sixties and beyond. Therefore, their deaths must be fake. Maybe one, two. At most, six. Statistics say that 80 of these people do not die.,

          With me so far? Probably not.

          I knew a comedian, Bill Hicks, who used to ridicule the Warren Commission, and lo and behold, he died young, age 34 in 1993. I was meant to read all kinds of things into that without knowing it, in other words, to live in your world. HIcks was murdered somehow, for questioning the Warren Commission.

          And then one day in a blog comment, as I think with my fingers, I realized that he did not die! They were fucking with us. It never occurred to me, however, that Hicks carried on his public life after an interval, as Alex Jones. That came from another source.

          I noticed something with Alex Jones … That they were trying to draw parallels based on triangulation, pupil width and distance from top of a triangle to the upper lip. But we were asked to make assumptions based on photos side by side. I had a better idea … If Hicks was Jones, the distance between his eye pupils would not have changed. That stays the same with all of us throughout our adult lives, Since I could take photos in MS Paint and enlarge or shrink them, I could set eye pupils at a certain distance. I use one inch, your penis size. That in place, IF other features align, there is a high probability that two photos are the same person. Very few seem able to grasp that.

          As Cleese reminds, you cannot absorb this. Authority figures have told you that all those deaths were real, end of story. But there were too many, statistically absurd. Something else was going on. The Hicks discovery prompted me to look for others. So I do photo comparisons. It is enlightening.

          They are turning up now. It is beyond your comprehension. Do not assume I know nothing,

          This do I waste my time.

        • Which is funny because on my way to the hardware store two days ago I came upon two tortoises on the road, big ones, maybe thirty pounds each. I stopped, so did another man named Mark, and we kept them off the road while trying to figure out what to do. This is unusual but not made up or a joke. I finally decided to put them in the bed of my truck and keep them till we found their owner. Otherwise they would perish or get run over. There was some commotion of cars going by and routine turtle jokes (mine: “Someone left a gate open and they bolted”). A woman high on her deck on a nearby hill yelled down “what’s going on?” I yelled back “turtles in the road!” She screamed and came running down and scolded her tortoises for escaping her yard. She keeps them to trim her grass.

          I gave them a ride home. Her name is Peggy, and the slow-moving escapees were Pete and Don.

          OK, I made that part up about the names. The rest is true.

        • petetalbot says:

          Been eating tacos lately, Mark?

        • Rob Kailey says:

          Pete, please don’t discourage the twit until he ‘proves’ that Hillary Clinton is really Mama Cass Eliot, (or Shelley Winters put through a quantum time distortion field caused by the electromagnetic discharge of the hurricane powered 9/11 weapon.)

        • Hey Rob, I stopped by and read your self-reverential piece on your guitar skills and sympathy trolling about an accident. I too would have shut off comments after writing a Readers Digest piece like that. Not that Readers Digest would publish it.

          Both of you, it is interesting, to say the least, how you have lost use of your eyes. Your beliefs (supplied by others) override your thinking skills. It is This American Life, no intellectual stirring going on. You’re both on life support, the American condition.

  6. L Kinder says:


  7. Teacher says:

    It was Wagons East not Wagons West!

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