Where Are Democrat Scolds as Anti-Trump Violence Heats Up?

by William Skink

When the Bernie Bro meme was making the rounds earlier this year, eager scolds like Don Pogreba were quick to jump on the meanies icking up his Facebook and Twitter with sexism and misogyny.  It was an odd post for an alleged Bernie supporter to write, and despite being asked in the comments to write more about the now quite contested primary between Hillary and Bernie, there has been virtually nothing at ID since that February post.

Here is the scold, scolding:

I have no doubt about Senator Sander’s commitment to economic justice for all people and I havehillary no doubt that he would work for all people in this country, regardless of race, sexuality, and gender expression. He’s spent his life fighting for values I champion, and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see his message resonating with voters, especially young voters.

But I have to say some his supporters online are hurting him. I’m troubled by the misogynistic tone of their attacks on Secretary Clinton, their troubling ageism (which makes no sense incidentally), and their willingness to engage in the same kind of tactics we’d decry from Ted Cruz. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with unflattering photographs of Senator Clinton and accusations that are often not about the policy differences between the two candidates, but personal attacks that seem designed to obscure the real work Senator Clinton has done in her life on behalf of the disadvantaged.

Now it’s June, and things are really heating up, especially for Trump supporters. I wonder if those same Democrat scolds who perpetuated the Bernie Bro attack (because that’s what it was) against Sanders will call for the violence popping up in places like San Jose to end. From the link:

Violence by protesters at a Donald Trump rally in San Jose on Thursday night has sparked criticism of the demonstrators and the reaction to them.

The San Jose police officers union condemned the violence and called on bystanders to provide any video of the incident to investigators.

“I’m disgusted by the violent attacks yesterday that have no place in our society or our political process,” said Paul Kelly, president of the San Jose Police Officers’ Assn.

Meanwhile, San Jose’s police chief told the San Jose Mercury News that there were not enough officers on hand during the event. He said there were about 250 officers and more than 400 protesters.

“Obviously, in hindsight, it wasn’t enough,” Chief Eddie Garcia told the paper.

The Mayor of San Jose is a Democrat, which makes the optics of this even worse. Not for Trump, but for Democrats hoping to stop him. For Trump, this violence against his supporters is a godsend.

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9 Responses to Where Are Democrat Scolds as Anti-Trump Violence Heats Up?

  1. Eric says:

    I can’t prove it, but I think these ‘protests’ are being manufactured by desperate Dems, in the hopes of damaging the Donald. But what they are finding out is that it isn’t damaging him. This election is surely not following conventional wisdom, and we should have an entertaining Summer. Has anybody noticed that Hillary hasn’t had a Press Conference in months?

    • JC says:

      I find it interesting that the guy would start off by using the analogy of the equal sign in math and reason as an axiom, then attempt to apply it to economics, and fail miserably. As a quick example, there is no mathematical quantifier for investment. No matter how much I invest in the numeral 4, it will always be a 4. There is no mathematical rationale in how to turn one number into another — that is numerology.

      Investment is a banker’s way of pulling the rabbit out of the hat. It is a way to get something for nothing — in a strict mathematical sense. So his analogy with strict mathematical principles — the equal sign e.g. — totally falls apart when one takes the foray into macroeconomics. That is the fallacy of capitalism. When factoring investment into the equation, consumption will never equal production. It can’t, no matter how much debt you carry. In reality, the interest or dividend paid on an investment always accrues as a debt or debit somewhere. And that debit always enters the consumption = production equation in such a way that there is always an imbalance.


  2. Relax, folks. Trump is fake, Hillary is fake, Bernie is fake. Missiles are fake. Good grief, you’d think there was never a fake Cold War. The same old story line keeps working.

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