Did Ex-Montana Detective Just Break the Steven Avery Case?

by William Skink

I just finished watching Making a Murderer on Netflix, so the details were fresh when a friend last night told me about an ex-Montana detective who thinks he knows who really murdered Teresa Halbach:

John Cameron worked on cold cases for the Great Falls Police Department for 24 years and investigated convicted child molester Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, who he suspected was responsible for the death of Zachary Ramsay in 1996.

Two years ago, he wrote the book, “Its Me: The Serial Killer You Never Heard Of.” It’s the story of Edward Wayne Edwards, who claims to have killed over 500 people in a murder spree that spanned more then 60 years.

Now, the former detective believes the subject of his book is the man responsible for the murder that’s the center of the Netflix hit, “Making A Murderer,” the most talked about crime documentary in years.

“Edwards made his murderers, he made people murderers, he set them up,” said Cameron.

The one thing I couldn’t get past after watching the series was the idea that police actually killed Teresa in order to frame Steven Avery. It remains to be seen whether this would be enough to revive Avery’s legal hopes.

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