Bernie Bros, Hellbound Women and Jumping Sharks

by William Skink

Don’t let the snow outside fool you. The political season is heating up and social media is hopping.

Now, this may come as a shock, but not all social media activity is constructive discourse grappling objectively with the big issues we face as a nation. Luckily for us–and for Democracy–bloggers can become virtual hall monitors in order to identify and shame online abusers. One particular blogger even provided a post on how to “Feel the Bern Without Feeding the Beast”. From the link:

Fight this fight on policy, on questions over which candidate is more likely to advance the progressive agenda, and which best represents your values. I’d ask the most enthusiastic supporters of Bernie to lay off the politics of personal destruction that Senator Sanders would certainly ask you to stop.

What kind of abhorrent behavior necessitated this reasonable plea? Alas, nothing specific is provided as evidence in the post (not even a link), just the assurance from the blogger that his Twitter timeline is all misogyny toward Hillary:

I’m troubled by the misogynistic tone of their attacks on Secretary Clinton, their troubling ageism (which makes no sense incidentally), and their willingness to engage in the same kind of tactics we’d decry from Ted Cruz. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with unflattering photographs of Senator Clinton and accusations that are often not about the policy differences between the two candidates, but personal attacks that seem designed to obscure the real work Senator Clinton has done in her life on behalf of the disadvantaged.

Not wanting to just take one blogger’s word for this, I consulted another blogger, Indy columnist Dan Brooks, to see if he had anything to add and boy was I in luck. Dan had heard all about this bad behavior ascribed to a subset of Bernie Supporters known as “the Bernie Bro” so he went looking for evidence. You can read about what he discovered here.

Dan’s inquiry explores the political terrain Glenn Greenwald wrote about a week ago regarding the Bernie Bro smear campaign against Bernie Sanders. Why any self-proclaimed progressive blogger would want to waste time perpetuating this Sanders smear instead of pointing out why Hillary is NO GODDAMN PROGRESSIVE is beyond me.

Meanwhile, Madeleine Albright claims there is a special place in hell for women who don’t “help each other”:

Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright introduced Hillary Clinton at an event in New Hampshire on Saturday, telling the crowd and voters in general: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

Look on the bright side ladies, at least you won’t have a half million Iraqi children asking you why they had to die because I’m pretty sure the children that die from economic sanctions are the least likely to have their souls condemned to fiery perdition.

Will the self-appointed hall monitor of political decorum follow up his perpetuating of the Bernie Bro smear with a condemnation of one woman condemning other women to hell? Probably not. Let’s just hope for better theatrics, like Fonzie jumping the shark.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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11 Responses to Bernie Bros, Hellbound Women and Jumping Sharks

  1. Those Iraqi children are sure glad you’re writing poetry, man. It really lifts their spirits in whatever afterlife they inhabit. The rest of us don’t even write them poems. And writing about other blogs? Whoa! That will really lift them up. The best way to take down the American empire is certainly to falsely equate concern about misogyny with disregard for kids killed by sanctions.

    While the world is collapsing into a neoliberal or neoconservative hell, only some have the insight, decency, and courage to fight like you do. I mean, damn, you post some trenchant insight in those poems. I just wish the other bloggers showed your heroism.

    I think I speak for all seven readers of this site when I say thank you.

    • Here again we see Pogie in Pogie voice, and not the guy who writes the posts over there at Democrat central. Honestly, that is as sneering and juvenile as I have ever seen you, you pathetic little twit.

      This post by Skink brought back those horrible memories, Clinton in power. Albright at State, and a mass slaughter of youth and old people in Iraq, psychopathic foreign policy and everyone looking away whistling, pretending it was not happening, or Clinton saying Saddam Hussein was the guy doing it. I could not believe my ears and eyes.

      Of course, the saving grace for the politicians was that they did not make the policy or even carry it out. They are just window dressing. That part is all pretend.

      • dpogreba says:

        You got it backwards this time, you crafty wizard. The comment was actually written by my puppet master at the NSA. When he’s not running the John Lennon operation or the relocation of mass shooting victims, he writes comments on widely read blogs like this. I’m only able to post this comment because he slipped away to discredit a 9/11 Truther video.

        This may be my last chance to speak the truth, as I hear him coming back here. The truth…is…

        • Steve W says:

          She may be worried about a different segment of the electorate than she’s letting on.

        • Pogie, you sniping little twit, until you actually look at the evidence around issues and ideas I promote, your opinions are quite useless, uninformed In fact, I have done so, having thrice now read a sixty page paper on the matter, viewed photographs that outlined characteristics like moles and tooth structure, and have watched a movie three times now – it is all enough to make me very suspicious that Lennon’s death was faked. In fact, anytime we have a death of a prominent figure where there is no body, we should be suspicious. Hale Boggs comes to mind, for instance.

          And, in fact, the paper goes deep into reason why such a thing would be done, having much to do with corporate squabbling over copyrights and Lennon, who did not write much of teh music credited to him, being a financial burden on his corporate masters. Since I am a little more versed in deep politics than you, the concept of a fake death, not new or even terribly unusual, is less hard to for me to swallow. Much of what we see around us, politics, elections, who is awarded fame and fortune, is fake. Time to grow up, little blogger man.

          For you, ignorant, head in a gas bag, afraid to venture outside “trusted sources” (aka letting other people do your thinking for you), I know, it all sounds strange. But you don’t really ever get beyond partisan politics, so other affairs of state and entertainment would seem foriegn to you, you know, things like the American public being childishly easy to fool, the most deeply brainwashed people on the planet. You’re a perfect fit.

  2. Greg Strandberg says:

    Wheeling out Madeline should really stem the loss of young voters from Hillary.

  3. Big Swede says:

    Bernie has got a new bro.

    PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – Reports are surfacing from various Chinese news sources that a bust of Bernie Sanders has been erected in the “people’s garden” behind the Presidential Palace at Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, sometime during the past few weeks. According to said sources, a plaque beneath the statue reads “Bernie Sanders, Hero of True Socialism, Proponent of Communist Ideals.”

    This event marks the first time that a U.S. citizen has received any kind of recognition from the DPRK and is only one of a few other foreign nationals to be officially recognized by the State of North Korea. The only other foreign recipients to be honored with a bust of their likeness have been Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, and Mao Zedong, who are all reportedly located side by side in the garden among twenty other busts of North Korean nationals recognized for their “heroic socialism.”

    According to the reports, Sanders’ political, cultural, and economic views have been catching attention of various members of the North Korean government in a very positive way, and have even earned Kim Jong Un’s official endorsement. It is rumored that Kim Jong Un himself ordered the bust to be made, since it was reportedly him who personally unveiled the Sanders bust in front of a small gathering of high-ranking North Korean officials.

    Kim Jong Un commented on the struggles that Sanders has to face as “a long and difficult road of derailing the evilest and largest capitalist system on the face of the earth,” and has declared Sanders a “potentially powerful ally, given his heroic socialist deeds within the oppressive capitalist regime.”

    Over the decades North Korea has witnessed the fall of other communist states, from the USSR to Eastern Europe to Vietnam, and sees the rise and popularity of Bernie Sanders as “hope for a new political ally and a beam of socialist radiance in a world being consumed by the darkness of capitalism.”

    Kim Jong Un further promised that “so long as Sanders continues down the path of higher morality and democratic socialism, he will always have a friend in the people of North Korea.” – See more at:

  4. steve kelly says:

    Imagine there are no plutocrats or oligarchs dictating global political action. Then you can imagine a struggle between capitalism and socialism. Of course, neither exist. Imagine some Republican or some Democrat will change anything substantial in your life. Imagine anyway.

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