Missoula Smoke Bowl (note: this post is not about pot)

by William Skink

The smoke outside is awful. We are keeping the kids inside as much as possible, even the one who isn’t breathing air yet. But life goes on, and though Mom isn’t a smoker, right now, if she’s outside, it’s not like you can hold your breath.

If my kids were in high school playing football (which neither of them will be allowed to do) there is no way in hell I would let them play a football game in these conditions, and I’m glad to see James Conner calling out Glacier High for prioritizing a football game over the health of its teenage players.

And the Griz? Yeah, right. Smoke or no smoke, it’s game on for tomorrow’s ESPN-televised home opener.

I have a hunch, though, that brunch will be inside.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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7 Responses to Missoula Smoke Bowl (note: this post is not about pot)

  1. Eric says:

    It’s not much better here – when I went out this morning it smelled like I was sitting next to a campfire. We need some rain !

  2. Rob Kailey says:

    The air is shifting out there. I got up about 8 and you couldn’t see the story hills, much less the Bridger mountains. Now, the mountains are visible all the way to the North valley. I hope that Billings and Missoula get the same relief soon.

    • I answered your science lecture at ID at my blog … you know, the one you put up when you found out Pigie had banned me. I said you’re a moral coward. Stand by that, I do.

      • Rob Kailey says:

        Since you’re too butthurt to have noticed, my comment disappeared along with all other replies to you when you got yourself banned. I couldn’t have known you were banned when I left it, Captain Reason. What i left wasn’t a lecture, it was laughter. Let me give a clue as to why. Since the moment your son and I brought up vector force, the nature of your scientific illiteracy has been apparent. You mistake velocity for speed, and don’t know the basic difference between the two. Speed is simply motion of an object over time. Velocity requires a direction to the equation, which is why you can’t have force, or an opposing force without velocity. That’s why I’ve been laughing at you ever since, Captain Reason. You consider yourself well educated and you don’t even understand the fundamentals of what you discuss so arrogantly.

        Now, if you will excuse me and even if you won’t, it seems the changing conditions have blown the bad air into here. buhbye.

      • don’t bring it here please.

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