Jon Tester Feigns Concern Over Millionaires Who Got Financial Covid Assistance…Like Nick Checota?

by Travis Mateer

I did a double-take when I saw the following tweet from Jon Tester, a Democratic Senator in Montana who sponsored the Encore Act. Here’s the tweet:

While I don’t disagree that millionaires getting pandemic unemployment benefits is “wrong”, I’m wondering how Tester can square the circle of his previous support for struggling music mogul millionaires like Missoula’s NOT POOR Nick Checota.

Here’s Checota quoted on Tester’s website regarding the Encore Act (emphasis NOT mine):

“As our industry faces an indefinite shutdown, the largest expense for independent venues and promoters is the cost of refunding tickets for shows that will not be able to happen to the foreseeable future,” said Nick Checota, owner of Logjam Presents and The Wilma Theater, Top Hat Lounge, and the KettleHouse Amphitheater in Missoula. “Senator Tester’s ENCORES Act would provide local venues like mine the help we need to face this challenge. Independent venues support surrounding local businesses and help foster the careers of performing artists. These small businesses contribute to thriving communities, and this legislation will help our industry navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we are still here on the other side to continue that work.”

I’m sure Tester, if put on the spot to account for this seeming hypocrisy, would quibble about his Covid bailout being targeted to a specific industry, and not just general “unemployment” benefits that millionaires supposedly took advantage of.

Tester is good at parsing reality, like in 2018 when he defended his banking legislation because he claimed he was helping “community” banks. But are his constituents still willing to use cognitive suppression techniques in order to maintain the false impression that this meat-packing, 7-fingered Senator is a flat-topped man of the people?

Maybe Jon Tester is just another calculating politician who understands the familial provenance of important people like Nick Checota and his MULTI-millionaire daddy, a nice chap who once tried buying his own Senator seat in Wisconsin.

For some fascinating historical perspective on our local music mogul’s familial background, here is a link to a CSPAN debate from 1992 featuring Daddy Checota, Joe.

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Wolf-Crying, Money-Grubbing Alarmists In City Government Chant DOOMS DAY In Impressive Unison

by Travis Mateer

I’m not sure which stage of grief our city officials are in, but it’s clear the collective shock of Missoula voters saying NO to the crisis mill levy is a trauma they won’t be getting over any time soon.

The Missoulian does a decent job capturing the collective outcry in an article titled City staff identifies strategic planning challenges. Don’t let the word “challenges” confuse you, it’s clear that the sky will be falling soon because heartless voters wouldn’t abide by a $5 million dollar levy in perpetuity. Since we’re in BIG SKY country, that means a lot of sky is coming!

Before we get to city officials and THEIR alarm, it might be helpful to remind readers that locals have been alarmed for years about a local tax subsidy known as TAX INCREMENT FINANCING. Why? Because the very nature of this tool, and the “urban renewal districts” that enables it, literally starves the general fund by redirecting increased tax revenue within those URDs to the Missoula Redevelopment Agency. Knowing this will make the commentary from the alarmists that much more galling.

Setting the tone of RISK, which could spell DOOM, here’s Eran Pehan, an adept enabler of those with impulse control issues (emphasis mine):

“With the failure of the crisis service levy, our ability to continue providing these services at their current level today is at risk, let alone growing the program to expand and meet the full need across our community,” Community Planning, Development and Innovation Director Eran Pehan said on Thursday. “So we will have difficult decisions to make in the coming year about how we proceed with these challenges.”

In the realm of community safety and wellness,  Pehan said there are risks to Missoula’s ability to serve its most vulnerable citizens in the future.

Do you know what undermines this supposed RISK Pehan claims exists now? A shadow government called the Missoula Redevelopment Agency that’s so flush with money, they can hand out $50,000 dollars to El Cazador to make their windows prettier. From the link:

The Missoula Redevelopment Agency gave its enthusiastic support to the renovation and expansion of a popular Midtown restaurant, saying it could help spark additional improvements in an area described as “tired.”

The board on Thursday approved a $50,000 request from Maria and Alfredo Hernandez to replace the old and inefficient solarium windows in their El Cazador restaurant.

Is “tired” a new metric for assessing blight? Who knows, the “reporter” doesn’t even identify who stated this lovely justification for dispersing $50,000 in public money. Let’s return to the DIRE situation the alarmists are acting alarmed about.

Next up is a fireman, one of the quintessential services a local municipality provides its citizens. Let’s see how worried Gordy Hughes is:

The failure of the crisis services levy also weighed heavily on Fire Chief Gordy Hughes and his team’s plans for crisis response in the city. The Crisis Intervention Team and the Mobile Support Team both face an uncertain future without guaranteed funding. Those services provide emergency support to first responders and people experiencing crises like mental health problems and substance abuse issues.

“We are completely funded through June 2023,” said Hughes in reference to the Mobile Support Team. “Beyond that is where we’re going to struggle.”

Funding is also a concern, Hughes said, for the Missoula Fire Department. In the next year, the department is planning on implementing its master fire plan and looking for a space to add a sixth station in the Sxwtpqyen Area.

“This next year’s going to be a crucial year to us in identifying a funding source to move our agenda forward and this plan, specifically our Station 6 and increase staffing needs for the fire department,” said Hughes.

Yep, things are going to be BAD. And to think, just a year ago, our shadow government had enough money to throw $200,000 dollars at a study to make trains quieter for the exclusive Rattlesnake neighborhood. Maybe quieter trains will keep members of this pampered part of Missoula from losing their shit, thus freeing up crisis capacity for detoxing addicts and Reserves Street car accidents.

Speaking of infrastructure, here’s the assessment from Public Works. Spoiler, it’s NOT GOOD!

Public Works and Mobility Director Jeremy Keene said funding will also present a challenge for transportation infrastructure. He laid out plans for sidewalk improvements and road projects like the Front Street and Main Street conversion, but he said funding remains a question for some of those endeavors. Funding in underserved areas, which also tend to be lower-income neighborhoods, is particularly challenging.

“We recognize that we really won’t be successful with these things unless we have other funding sources and other ways to help pay for those things,” Keene said.

No, Keene doesn’t seem very keen on the future of Public Works to do their work, especially in the places where the poors live.

The most entertaining alarmist award, though, clearly goes to the former financial terrorist who sounds suspiciously like THE LORAX with her sudden concern over the DANGER our local trees are facing. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up (emphasis mine):

Parks and Recreation Director Donna Gaukler also brought attention to the state of the city’s trees, which are “at great risk,” she said, due to numerous factors including rapid development and the age of the trees.

“That’s the one area where I feel like we’re probably in the greatest danger of — loss of trees,” Gaukler warned.

Seeing “rapid development” mentioned as a negative factor from a woman who wants $44 million for an aquatic center is amazing. Because these people are amazing. And, apparently, totally without shame.

What does our Mayor selected in a dark alley at 2am a few months ago think about all this? Does the DOOM help keep him focused?

“This really helps us focus our work,” said Mayor Jordan Hess during a Strategic Plan presentation Wednesday.

The last word in this fantastic article about Missoula’s future comes from the real power in this town, Ellen Buchanan. And I think she might be trying to completely annihilate my irony detector with her concern about housing. Prepare yourselves, readers, this could blow some circuits:

In addition to looking at environmental health, presenters on Wednesday also analyzed the city’s economic health. The area of housing stood out as a concern to Ellen Buchanan, director of the Missoula Redevelopment Agency. She said availability of inventory and land, along with funding, threaten the city’s ability to incentivize housing development.

“So it’s not rosy sailing ahead, but we’re making incredible progress on this,” she said.

After the wave of rage passes, one must understand WHY the area of housing is standing out to the concert-going stealth Mayor of Zoom Town: it’s because the potentially complicit conservatives at the state are fixing to give Ellen a NEW TOOL called WORKFORCE HOUSING, and depending on how this tool is made, MRA could be making direct TIF investments in this new brand of housing by the time the snow thaws.

I’m glad the sailing has gotten less rosy for these entitled gentrifiers who never seem to have enough of other people’s money to make their utopia come to fruition. But to ease the pain of one short-circuiting non-profit influencer, I hope this $80,000 in flexible funding helps (emphasis mine):

The committee allocated $261,550 for 2022 and United Way of Missoula County, which operates the Centralized Housing Solutions Fund, requested $80,000. The fund is a flexible financial assistance tool intended to prevent and end houselessness. It provides funding for deposits, applications, rent and arrears and travel costs for reunification.

On that note, have a great weekend! And, if you’re feeling generous, I accept funding in ANY increment at my about page.

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New York Times Knows No Shame: Platforming Bankman-Fried While Gaslighting The Backlash Against Balenciaga

by Travis Mateer

If you perhaps forgot how worthless legacy media has become, the New York Times is here to remind you with its choice of who to platform, and who to ridicule.

Did you happen to lose a few billion dollars of investor money while casually putting an entire industry of emerging financial technology in jeopardy? Definitely platform that curly haired MFer!

Bankman-Fried will speak at the New York Times DealBook Summit on November 30. Single ticket charges to the conference are $2,500. Bankman-Fried has confirmed his in-person attendance at the conference.

The announcement has attracted backlash from the crypto community that has been left counting losses after the collapse of FTX. Bankman-Fried is also being criticized for his role in the matter. The administrators have said that the financial records of the exchange were worse than what was seen with Enron.

Twitter users attacked the New York Times for pushing ahead with Bankman-Fried’s appearance at the conference, with Twitter owner Elon Musk also questioning whether Bankman-Fried was attending.

What did this t-shirt wearing crypto-con-artist have to say? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I was too busy scrolling through a Twitter thread of images that this same paper of record is dismissing as some kind of Qanon manifestation. From the link:

Yes, those pesky trolls unfortunately looked too closely at the ad featuring a child holding a bondage teddy bear and noticed some curious court documents relating to the Supreme Court and child porn. Here is how the visible inclusion of those documents is being explained:

The documents came from “numerous boxes” rented from a prop house, a lawyer for Mr. Des Jardins, the set designer, wrote in an email statement.

But all were supposed to be “fake office documents,” Balenciaga said in its Nov. 28 statement: “They turned out to be real legal papers most likely coming from the filming of a television drama.” Balenciaga, which had the images in hand for months before their release, called the inclusion of the Supreme Court page “unapproved” and “the result of reckless negligence.”

Mr. Des Jardins’s lawyer, in her statement, said that “there certainly was no malevolent scheme going on.” Balenciaga representatives were on set during the shoot, “overseeing it and handling papers and other props, and Des Jardins as a set designer was not responsible for image selection from the shoot,” she wrote. (Her client, she also reiterated, had no involvement in the other Gift Shop campaign.)

Ultimately, image selection would have fallen to the brand, which in its Nov. 28 statement said that it took “full accountability for our lack of oversight and control” and “could have done things differently.”

If you believe this explanation, more power to you, but I seriously doubt anyone who has waded into this cesspool will buy this explanation. The ad is just the tip of a very depraved iceberg.

The reason Q is being invoked is because that particular psychological operation (psyop) was designed to compromise the entire topic of sexual depravity among the elite, especially the sexual exploitation of minors. Just like the term “conspiracy theorist”, the chance of being labeled a Qanon nutter is like a cognitive fence that keeps people from approaching this topic or even seeing any validity in the claims.

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Is There A Mark Ebner In Missoula Getting Ready For An I Told You So Tour?

by Travis Mateer

Before Bill Cosby was exposed as a sexual predator, he was a protected asset of Hollywood celebrity culture. That’s what Mark Ebner discovered when he tried raising the alarm in 2007 about the substantive allegations swirling around. Here’s the introduction from his Daily Beast article:

In 2007—seven years before she publicly came forward—I spoke with Joan Tarshis, a former Hollywood publicist who claimed that Bill Cosby raped her. After our talk—and, of course, much more research—I filed a version of the following story on my website Hollywood, Interrupted. It identified a number of women who claimed that Bill Cosby had raped them, including Andrea Constand, whose allegations led Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, prosecutors to charge Cosby criminally on Dec. 30, 2015. 

In my interviews with several of the women back then, I found the tale they told disturbingly similar: All were young and impressionable, beautiful, and talented. Cosby had taken a keen interest in their careers, and had offered to mentor them or otherwise open the fabled doors to the glistening kingdom of show business, for which he was a principal emissary. All were given spiked drinks—or drugs misrepresented as medicine—and became incapacitated, the women charged. And all allegedly awoke with the unshakable sense that something wrong had occurred. People magazine even ran an article on the lawsuits that were settled with several of the women, but never followed up on it. And from my own experience, I can confirm that the story shook people to the core: Even more than Woody Allen, Bill Cosby was a beloved figure and civil-rights pioneer; hardened editors were horrified at the prospect of taking him down. I might as well have pitched a story about Martin Luther King Jr. philandering with white women. The story went nowhere.

It’s important to track the history of this story, and the media complicity that enabled it to remain untold for so long. Heroes always fall hard, but their suffering and anguish is nothing compared to that of their victims. — Mark Ebner

In Missoula, it’s not a celebrity hero who has fallen, but a member of the faith community by the name of Jonathan “JD” Partain, the “former” CEO of Missoula’s Boxing Club. Considering this man’s reported confession, it’s nice of the Missoulian to say his arrest is only on “suspicion” of child abuse in the title of the article that posted yesterday. From the link:

Charging documents filed in Missoula County on Nov. 22 allege that in August, a teenager told officials one month prior she was changing when she noticed a cellphone propped up on a speaker system Partain installed earlier in the day.

She noticed it was recording a video.

Partain told investigators he installed the stereo in the girl’s bedroom. He activated his phone’s video recording via a smart watch that was connected to the device, according to charging documents.

“Partain stated he was ‘completely at fault for all of it,’” Handelman wrote.

The case was filed directly into Missoula County District Court last week. Partain is not currently in custody.

No, Partain isn’t currently suffering the indignity of pre-trial incarceration, so he’s free to go about his days, but considering the nature of his charges, that Boxing Club he started for ONLY youth probably needs to be closed down.

Do you see the age range? Yeah, that’s a problem, but it’s just one of many. Other problems include who knew what about this guy, and when.

When you go to the Boxing Club website, you can see the tactics on full display. Beyond the targeted age range, the “club” requires youth to complete their homework before “gloving up”. Here’s a screenshot of the language explaining the Books Before Bags program:

That last part I find particularly creepy in light of the allegations AND confession by Partain, so let me emphasize it in case the text from the screenshot is hard to read: Once a student has finished to THE SATISFACTION OF THE DIRECTOR, he or she is allowed to glove up!

I have a hunch the quick confession from JD Partain is because predators like him are calculating, and he knows he will STILL HAVE SUPPORT in the faith community, despite the despicable nature of his alleged criminal actions sexually exploiting a minor (his daughter?).

How could this man get support from his faith community? Just acknowledge that flesh is weak, scapegoat Satan, then ask for forgiveness. It’s not complicated.

While I myself am not a member of any particular faith community, the upside down world we now live in has seen me on more than a few pews looking for answers and community support. I know others on similar searches, and while good people are definitely finding each other, we’re also realizing something important: the wolves are everywhere.

Case in point:

JD Partain is by no means an unusual man. In fact, his trajectory is eerily similar to another man-of-faith I’ve been looking into this past year, a man who isn’t shy about what he begs God to do to his enemies.

To answer the question posed in the post, no, there isn’t a tour being planned, but THERE ARE Mark Ebners who exist, and there are conversations happening, and it’s only a matter of time before more comes out about who the wolves are, and the lengths they go to protect themselves, and each other.

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And thanks for reading!

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A Giving Tuesday Zoom Chron Song

by Travis Mateer

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, I made a song and video that I’d like to share. If YOU would like to share money with me (by “sharing” I mean, of course, give) please consider making a GIVING donation to my about page.

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