The Ryan Zinke Flop Is A Canary In The Coal Mine Moment For Montana Republicans…But Are They Listening?

by Travis Mateer

I’m writing this piece on the morning after the election, which means there is no clear winner yet in Montana’s newly created Congressional district between the Democrat, Monica Tranel, and the Republican, Ryan Zinke.

I am NOT shocked by the pathetic electoral performance of the Ryan Zinke machine last night. An astute observer of local politics sent me the picture below, pointing out the ironic location Zinke chose to spend his face-time awaiting election results last night:

Why is this bar in Whitefish significant? Because I think it signifies the ZERO FUCK attitude Ryan Zinke has when it comes to mingling with money, like the money that runs this bar and a lot more in Whitefish.

To see how Casey’s allegedly fit into a pattern of sexual exploitation by a tech billionaire, check out this article. From the link (emphasis mine):

Goguen also allegedly gave Eric Payne, who did construction for Goguen, an office in the basement of Casey’s Bar, an establishment that he owns in Whitefish.

The office ‘was passcode protected, had a built-in full size stripper pole, and commonly referred to as the “boom boom” room where he and Payne could procure young women to engage in sexual acts with them for money, drugs or other items of value as part of the Goguen Sexual Enterprise.’

To bolster my impression of on-the-ground Republican sentiment among ACTUAL MONTANANS, I attended a central committee meeting here in Missoula, and a few other events around election integrity, and I can tell you Ryan Zinke was NOT selling well. I remember one comment at that central committee meeting hinting that Zinke was having problems drumming up support in the Bitterroot valley.

That’s not good, Montana Republicans. But are you listening?

Later today, after Missoula County election workers get BACK to work at 10am, I’m going to delve into an hour of outgoing Sheriff, T.J. McDermott, discussing his time and what he learned over the last 8 years. You can expect a write up on that conversation tomorrow or Friday.

I’ll also be watching the bond/levy outcomes very closely, and will write something about that as well, hopefully with fewer “Seaman” innuendos.

If you want to make our local cabal nervous and my mom happy, consider making a donation at my about page. My 2023 plans are really beginning to shape up, and I’m excited to kick things up a notch. Your support will be critical to my next steps, which I’d like to direct toward Helena and the legislature next year.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. Eric says:

    The numbers do not surprise me either – the purpose of the Libertarian candidates being in the race, even they don’t have a chance at wining is to draw votes away from GOP candidates.

    It won’t matter though this year – if they haven’t called the race for Zinke yet, they soon will.

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