Examining Busy Brad Layton’s Business Endeavors In Missoula And Beyond

by William Skink

Since the Mayor’s Communication Director had her personal life become a headline news story, I got curious about what her partner, Bradley Layton, is up to in Missoula when he’s not drunkenly careening through yards nearly killing people.

The first business endeavor of Layton’s I took a look at is his Human Powered Future company. The front page of the website highlights these four areas of expertise: expert witness services, structural and mechanical engineering services, recycling/zero waste consulting, and renewable energy consulting. At the bottom of the page, under additional consulting services, “biomedical engineering” is listed. Interesting.

At Coengineers dot com Layton’s profile claims he is also the cofounder of Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium. Here is some gobbledygook I found online about what this “consortium” does:

The goal of the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium is to develop applications for blockchain technology and smart contracts for integrated engineering delivery serving construction, infrastructure, manufacturing and diverse technologies upon which society depends.

Ok, moving on.

Bradley Layton is a busy guy. He engineers, he consults, he blockchains and he also recycles with Integration Energy. According to Buzzfile, Integration Energy

…primarily operates in the Recycling, Waste Materials business / industry within the Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 4 years. Integration Energy is estimated to generate $78,275 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 6 people at this single location.

I wonder if any of these business endeavors have ever received paid work from the city of Missoula? Might be worth looking into.

And you better believe I WILL continue looking into ALL the players in our little valley who, up until now, have flown under the radar, comfortable with the status quo and their insider connections.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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7 Responses to Examining Busy Brad Layton’s Business Endeavors In Missoula And Beyond

  1. TC says:

    These people are so full of shit! Makes me what to start a Linkedn page where I claim to be a rocket scientist, brain surgeon, and whale trainer. I will use woke buzzwords like “diverse”, “intersectional” , “outreach”, “intentional”, etc. Hopefully such a bullshit self inflated, grandiose resume will land my on Ellen’s preferred list. Them I can start getting some City hand-outs (to offset my increasing taxes)

  2. TC says:

    Oh – I forgot I will need a hip cool name. Lets see (scanning City Betters) – Montana, Spider, etc already taken. Hmmmm – guess I’ll try Coyote Durango! Yep – that and my made up resume is sure to land my a non-profit gig!

  3. are locals in your municipality getting wise to your schemes? are critics successfully countering your outdated rhetoric? if you answered yes, then you are in need of Coyote Durango’s Seven Donkey Saddle consulting services and web development.

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  4. TC says:

    Bravo!!! That is the ideal Missoula pitch! You should float it to our City (bet they’d bite!)
    I’ll split 1/2 with you (gotta get mine) 😉

  5. Very nice work. You’re getting it. Keep pushing. It does not all unveil at once. When it does, the joy and enthusiasm will easily overcome the half-wits who proclaim “conspiracy theory” and thereby resign thinking.

    Thinking is hard work. Welcome aboard,

    • wow, the hoax master is blessing this little blog with his approval. are you bored or something, Mark? tired of declaring everything fake?

      tell me, am I still banned from commenting at your blog? or are you still trying to protect your flock from my opinion of you?

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