A Word Of Warning To The Gutless Pieces Of Shit Who Use Cancel Culture To Hurt People, The Tables Can Always Be Turned

by William Skink

Proponents of cancel culture aren’t trying to change minds through the strength of their ideas and arguments. They are trying to hurt people in real life because they don’t like what their ideological opponents say online.

The first blog I contributed to–4&20 Blackbirds–went dark after jhwygirl decided it wasn’t worth trying to keep it going. From my understanding, her day job is a government job, and she was outed to her employer, so to continue being outspoken online would have jeopardized her ability make a living.

Back when I was gainfully employed, some gutless piece of shit sent anonymous letters to my employer trying to get me fired for what I wrote here at RD. That was before City Council person Gwen Jones tried to use her board position to intimidate me at my place of work, specifically asking me if I was going to “write about this on my blog”.

Obviously the intimidation didn’t work, because I’m writing this post, but I suspect there were negative impacts that I am presently constrained from discussing here.

I’m writing about this topic because I just read Greg Strandberg’s latest post, and even though we have butted heads over topics like homelessness and political opportunism, I would NEVER think about calling up his employer to ATTACK his means of providing for his family.

Strandberg begins his post describing going back to work, then explains why he is hesitant to write about it:

I’d love to talk more about this aspect of my life, but earlier this year my employer received emails from people trying to get me fired because of what I write on this site.

I have some suggestions for Strandberg and anyone else dealing with the gutless pieces of shit who fill the empty hole in their lives by trying to hurt other people, because you do have options.

If you can get a name, or an email address (which the idiots provided in this situation), contact them in a way that can be documented, then clearly, reasonably (no bad words like in this post) tell them to stop harassing you. If the harassment persists, you can work with the Crime Victim Advocates office to file a temporary order of protection. A judge may not grant the order, but the gutless piece of shit would at least have to show up in court.

Another option in this land of litigation is of course filing a lawsuit. Claim emotional damage from the added stress of having your employment threatened during a pandemic and looming economic depression. This is a costly option, but isn’t that why we have crowd-funding platforms? I would definitely consider a financial contribution to the GREG STRANDBERG SUING A GUTLESS PIECE OF SHIT fund.

If those options aren’t viable, or don’t produce the desired effect, then one may get desperate and start considering fighting fire with fire.

Is that partisan blogger really dating a former student?

Who was that Democrat politician with her unmasked kids going wild at Walmart?

Where specifically does that City Council person live in the slant street neighborhood?

I don’t think anything productive would come from going there, but the gutless pieces of shit trying to get people fired from their day jobs should know it’s a tool I’ve attached to the old tool belt, just like TIF is a tool attached TIGHTLY to yours.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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1 Response to A Word Of Warning To The Gutless Pieces Of Shit Who Use Cancel Culture To Hurt People, The Tables Can Always Be Turned

  1. S Brennan says:

    Good post William, this has happened to me in the earlier days of the internet…I chose to stand 100% by my words; without trying to weasel out of it. My boss did not like me already but, since I had notified HR and they were in on the conversation, he didn’t pull the trigger. He did make it clear, privately, that he’d lay me off first chance he got. So, I lined up another gig and left…the perp went on to become a director at the company, which was actually a good thing, he was an abysmal engineer.

    I am not sure how it would play out nowadays, it’s so easy* to accuse somebody of racism/homophobia/misogyny by inferring a hidden intention/agenda/”dog-whistle” as opposed to just reading the text of the statement.

    *No downside, no repercussions

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