Billy Does Democracy

by William Skink

I dropped off my ballot today after work. The biggest potential impact on Montanans is what happens with I-185. I really can’t put into words what losing a half billion dollars in matching federal funds is going to do to this state. I don’t expect it to pass and what that will mean to so many, I don’t know.

Another important local vote, for me, was a vote against Marie Anderson for Justice Court judge. The criminal justice system in Missoula is bad enough without this kind of shit show to deal with.

I struggled with what to do for the House and Senate bubbles. For the Senate seat I was going to leave it blank, but a friend talked me into doing something, and that something was a vote for the loose-goosey last minute endorser, Rick Breckenridge. I was truly inspired by his inability to understand what words like “endorse” means and all the fun last minute fire works he provided in this hotly contested showdown between the Republican and Matt Rosendale.

For the House race, I again contemplated a blank disapproval of my two choices, but some texting from the Williams campaign, and a creeping sense of my own righteous assholery toward just saying no over the party’s past transgressions, pushed me toward voting for Williams.

To celebrate the completion of my civic duty to uphold democracy in America, here is a video of my Missoula Trump Poem for your enjoyment:

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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1 Response to Billy Does Democracy

  1. Eric says:

    We can agree to disagree on I-185.

    The way they did this is wrong.

    Targeting a minority of people to tax, because they don’t have the numbers to stop you is wrong.

    Adding a small lanappe for Veterans funding, just so you can fool people as to the purpose is wrong.

    If you want to push Medicaid expansion, do it right. If the voters / taxpayers want it, the program will go forward.

    As far as the Senate / House races go, I’m disgusted with the whole process, because of the huge money being poured into these contests. For $40 million dollars, the Dems (the party of the rich) could build and fund homeless shelters in every major town in Montana.

    I have been turning off the radio on my drive to work and back.

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