The Rainbow Is Now A Tool Being Used For Dividing And Conquering Non-Compliant Citizens

by Travis Mateer

After punishing Brandon Huber for NOT accepting LGBT literature in free lunches, the Missoula Organization of Realtors (MOR) decided to raise money for PRIDE the following June. This year MOR is doing the same thing, successfully raising $30,000 dollars for housing. But, I assume, just for those who identify as LGBT. From the second link (emphasis mine):

Pride Month offers an opportunity for local organizations and businesses to show support for the LGBTQ+ Community Center, and the Missoula Organization of Realtors (MOR) is one of the biggest fundraisers for Pride Weekend.

MOR raised $30,000 for The Western Montana Community Center. This is MOR’s second year supporting Pride Weekend by calling on their community partners to donate.

The donation is a part of MOR’s Homes for All initiative, which, in partnership with Homeward, works to break down the various barriers people may encounter when looking for housing.

“This initiative, supporting homes for all, supporting Pride and The Community Center here is all about showing that when you’re working with a realtor from the Missoula Organization of Realtors, you don’t have to have that fear of discrimination,” Karen Berg-Digangi, Chair of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, says. “Every human should deserve the opportunity to get access to housing without worrying that who they are, whether the color of their skin, their gender identity, their sexual orientation–that that’s not an additional barrier.”

Yes, you are reading this correctly, the organization that punished Pastor Huber for acting on his religious beliefs is telling people they shouldn’t have to fear discrimination in housing. No, just fear RETALIATION at your WORKPLACE if you don’t bow to every demand of this “movement”.

Since I have been dealing with some of my own housing challenges, I stopped by MOR yesterday to inquire about their fundraising success. Specifically I asked the man (and, moments later, the woman who exited her office) if having sex with men would improve my chances of getting into subsidized housing. I explained that currently my preference would be women, but that housing is so important I’d consider switching teams. Apparently only the CEO can answer these types of questions, and that person wasn’t available. Darn.

While this divide and conquer tool is great for social controllers, I don’t think Missoula will go to war with itself if we’re ONLY dividing people along gender/sexual-orientation lines. Another great point of tension that could be exploited for the controllers is the County/City divide, and this could be accomplished by claiming that CITY voters really wanted that failed Crisis Mill Levy, but those mean, hateful country bumpkins in Missoula COUNTY voted no.

This blame game is already happening on social media. Here’s Nick Shontz, a failed Ward 6 City Council candidate, doing the heavy lifting to bash County voters for the failed mill levy:

Maybe Nick Shontz should consider the REAL outrage of having your property tax obligation sky rocket while, at the same time, being told you’re NOT doing enough to financially support the drug addicts who shit in parks and spray graffiti on every inch of this town. No “manufacturing” of outrage is needed when the harsh reality of the drug crisis makes a walk in the park a risky endeavor, even during daylight hours.

On a Missoula Reddit thread asking Are you afraid to shop at Secret Seconds you can see how people are processing their frustration over serious health and safety issues from this drug epidemic. Here’s a comment from “kh406” I found worth sharing. Further down in the comment thread, this same commenter speculates that “Express-Occasion9050” is MY burner account, but it is not.

Here are the comments:

No, outrage toward our former Mayor is NOT a sentiment unique to me, but I understand why this account could be interpreted as mine. The reality is I’m too busy writing under my REAL name to have the time to bash a Mayor who engaged in the most effective weight loss program available by dying in office, something that COULD have been avoided if the Missoula cabal wasn’t so obsessed with maintaining their control of this town, squeezing every last second of “leadership” they could from Engen before his final act.

This year represents the BIGGEST threat to the cabal’s grip on power since John Engen ascended to his Mayoral role in 2006 with the help of “former” CIA agent and Missoulian publisher, John Talbot. That means the rainbow tool will need to do some SERIOUS work in order to mobilize brainwashed college students this November to vote against their housing interests by supporting whatever new bond is being developed to saddle the taxpayers with a heavier financial burden so woke organizations, like MOR, can pick winners and losers for housing, which ultimately means VOTING.

See how this works? Now, how about a strategy to COUNTER this bullshit?

The only countermeasure I see as being potentially effective is raising awareness that a divide and conquer strategy is being deployed under the guise of inclusivity and tolerance. Could that work? Not if we’re only relying on complicit local media outlets, it won’t. And that’s where I come in!

No one else locally is in the position I’m in to track this cabal’s duplicitous maneuverings and report on it and that’s because I used to be one of them (PDF)! The link goes to the minutes of a Mayor’s Downtown Advisory Commission meeting that happened 9 years ago, in June. It includes some interesting concern articulated by Judge Jenks about homelessness, chronic offenders and jail capacity. From the link:

That last bullet point was a fascinating failure, since it resulted in a soft attempt to get “vendors” of alcohol to do some voluntary things to slightly lessen the harm alcohol does to our community.

Why did it fail? It failed because even the BID president at the time, Tim Worden, stubbornly refused to consider this kind of harm reduction plan because it might HARM his bottomline. Yes, it was more important for Tim Worden to protect 8am Steel Reserve sales for street drunks than it was for him to help protect the community from the chronic alcohol abuse and behavior of these street people, not all of whom were homeless.

Further down in the minutes you can see my name alongside the influencer I wrote about last week. Look at me doing my duty for the cabal by lending my voice to a failed spare change diversion program (the emphasis of me is mine):

Looking back on this time period, I’m almost nostalgic for these simpler days when the smile on my custom-made Lego face was more genuine and NOT a strategy to conceal how much rage is seething just beneath the surface.

Staying mired in the past does nothing productive to influence the future, so I’ll wrap this post up with the usual appeal to support Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF), or to make a donation at my about page in order to support my LOCAL, independent journalism.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. “…CITY voters really wanted that failed Crisis Mill Levy, but those mean, hateful country bumpkins in Missoula COUNTY voted no.”

    Well, I can’t be blamed for voting “No” on the levy because I live in Ravalli County and don’t vote anyway, but I may have persuaded someone else to vote against it through an article which was posted on my blog last November 6, two days before the election. I wouldn’t have known about the levy except for a large red sign which I saw prominently displayed in a yard about halfway up Gharrett St., which I photographed and included as evidence in the blog post.

    I say I may have persuaded someone but am unsure because I don’t know if anyone in Missoula even read the article. But, whether they did or didn’t, it doesn’t matter. Enough people saw through the subterfuge known as legalized, majoritarian theft and beat it down. Which is good enough for me.

    “Thou shalt not steal–except by majority vote.” — Gary North

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