CoVid Blues (Don’t Cough On Me)

by William Skink

daily I look to the sky
for the frogs
locusts swarm Africa
it can’t be long

until the waters of the Blackfoot
run red as sin
while eager believers
expect rapture to begin

new signs at work
show how to cough
the anxiety ratchets
a few ticks toward a top

where the cap rattles violently
as pressure builds
Seattle’s infected
and question marks kill

have they weaponized lungs?
found a use for our voice?
turning breath into bullets?
so easily deployed?

if some nation claims
too quick a vaccine
deploy some discernment
to know what that means

I mean Jesus! in Georgia
they etched it in stone
breed responsibly, rabbits
or we’ll CoVid your home

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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