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Rebekah Barsotti May Now Be At Rest, But Questions Surrounding Her Death Remain

by Travis Mateer Closure? No. With the ID’ing of Rebekah Barsotti’s body yesterday, a race is now on to establish a narrative of how that body came to be “placed” on the river bank 10 months after the supposed “river … Continue reading

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What The Hell Is Going On With The Rebekah Barsotti Missing Persons Case?

by Travis Mateer UPDATE BELOW Today’s post has some information about the Barsotti case I’ll be getting into, hopefully, in today’s podcast episode of Zoom Chron. I was on the phone yesterday and will be making some calls today to … Continue reading

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What Can The Jermain Charlo Missing Person Case Tell Us About The Effort To Find Rebekah Barsotti?

by Travis Mateer Over the weekend I binge-listened to the podcast STOLEN about the Jermain Charlo missing person case. I was aware of this podcast last April, when I participated in a homeless camp clean-up (where I found an ID … Continue reading

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Trafficking, Trauma, And An Attorney General Who Likes To Play Tough For The Media

by Travis Mateer August is an important month in Zoom Town (Missoula) because it’s the month tourists are replaced by the migratory return of students to campus, college and otherwise. This makes narrative control VERY important for an AG like … Continue reading

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How Many Sheriffs Does It Take To Release An Autopsy?

by Travis Mateer While I do know a thing or two about the TWO autopsies that have now been completed on the body of Rebekah Barsotti, I’m more interested in asking some questions, and the first one is the title … Continue reading

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