Travis Mateer aka William Skink

I started blogging in 2010 as “lizard” at 4 and 20 Blackbirds.  In 2015 the absentee landlord of that blog decided my criticism of Democrats wasn’t in line with his own political brainwashing, so I was kicked off the blog and started Reptile Dysfunction, later renamed Zoom Chron, where I continue to express my opinions about political corruption.

Up until late 2020 I was writing posts under the pseudonym “William Skink”.  I am now writing my “reluctant journalism” posts under my real name, Travis Mateer.  Creative content, like poetry, will still be authored by William Skink.  You can learn more about William and his fictional home, “Zula”, at his Substack page.

For other ways to support my work, please consider purchasing my book of poems, titled WELCOME TO THE COVAXICON, at the Zootown Arts Community Center artist shop.  Hard copies are also sold at the Loose Moose in Missoula (219 N. Higgins in downtown Missoula).

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44 Responses to Travis Mateer aka William Skink

  1. Bob Williams says:

    Was not explosives that turned Tower concrete to instant dust and powder.
    I am in search of quality links to what might HAVE really caused the craters in China.
    Sparse recent news among my sources, and from my searches.

    geezer Bob

  2. djinn&tonic says:

    Yo Stink! To Protect And Infect, Part 2
    The militarization of the Internet


  3. lex talionis says:

    Hi Lizard, if this is you who are linked to a Moon of Alabama posting. Man, I’m out here in Los Angeles. Trying to figure out how to get out. Dude. I fully agree with you. super depressing. I support the second amendment and small businesses. god help us all.

    • yeah, I’m that reptile that shouts at the moon. if you’re trying to get out it’s really about networking. our vacancy rate for rentals is like 3 percent, which is low, so unless you have an “in”, it’s hard.

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