Provoking Public Anger Then Claiming To Be Victims Of That Anger Is The Real Trend, Gwen

by Travis Mateer

Who remembers the sidewalk controversy of 2018 in Missoula? I certainly do because that was the year I wrote a poem that got Gwen Jones so angry, she used her board position at Missoula Aging Services to pull me away from my work duties and chastise me, using profanity as she waved her phone at me.

Since I wasn’t in a position to point-of-order this angry woman yelling at me, I did the next best thing I could think to do, and that was stand up, tell her this was inappropriate, and leave. Because of that incident Gwen Jones was FORCED to write me a letter of apology in order for that organization to avoid a lawsuit. I think I was being too nice back then to accept that resolution to her aggression.

I didn’t realize until getting back to Missoula that Gwen is back to pathetic fear-mongering because the dude they tried sticking felony charges on got acquitted, and is now BACK HIMSELF causing a few privileged members of municipal government to experience serious consternation. From the link:

Yep, MORE cops will more than likely be standing at attention in council chambers because people like ME aren’t always super cordial when discussing things like euthanized black men, corrupt Sheriff’s Offices, and sex-offenders running rampant, assaulting state workers and allegedly peddling Fentanyl laced weed. Why can’t I be more polite when commenting on the breakdown of society? Shame on me.

Gwen Jones is in an interesting position because she received LOTS of documents from the woman who I once collaborated with, but now has me under a temporary order of protection after a substitute judge who she went to law school with ignored my objections and lack of counsel to “protect” her. From what? From what I know.

That is what everyone is REALLY terrified of, they are scared of the things I know about how they operate, and how easily I can call out someone like Martin Kidston for getting basic facts WRONG, like the length of time Eran Pehan was the Executive Director of the Poverello Center.

From the link (emphasis mine):

No, Eran Pehan started working at the Joseph Residence first, which was a residential program operated by the Poverello Center in conjunction with Missoula Housing Authority, if my memory is right. The person who came to Missoula from Boise went by the name Ellie Hill, and now she’s State Senator, Ellie Boldman. From the link (emphasis mine):

Yes, Ellie BOLDMAN used the Poverello Center to launch her political career as a Democrat, and I worked there during the VERY difficult transition period that Eran Pehan helped smooth over and was later rewarded for by Mayor Engen.

Martin Kidston ALSO worked for the Democrat machine in Montana before becoming a Missoulian reporter, then crapping out his online “news” journal, which he uses to go after non-compliant progressives, like Daniel Carlino, and non-compliant narrative warriors, like me.

One of the funny things about all this is that when supporters of issues these hypocrites agree with disrupt the STATE government, that’s all just fine and dandy, but it seems to be a different story when the anger comes from people with privileged skin and heterosexual penises. Is that the threat, that I’m a white dick, Gwen?

Or maybe it’s the traction I got with the documentary I made with some talented people about Tax Increment Financing, followed by all that work you guys had to do at the legislature earlier this year to stop us from passing SB 523. Is that getting a little closer to home?

Speaking of home, a big reason I’m making plans to leave the home I’ve known for 23 years is because that substitute judge I mentioned works at a law firm with a last name that seemed very familiar to me, so I put it in my search bar and found this post. Isn’t that curious, substitute judge McDonnell?

It sucks being denied due process, which is essentially what happens when no lawyer will represent you. The Stevenson family has experienced this, and now I am experiencing the same thing.

When I went to the Public Defender’s Office before going on my road trip, I was told their office could only help me if I violated the order and got arrested.

“You could file a counter order,” they suggested. “I did,” I said, “and it was denied within HOURS.” I was also told I could represent myself, or go to Montana Legal Services, the biggest joke of a referral that exists for legal referrals, and I should know, since I worked in a call center giving social service referrals.

It’s unfortunate that angry words are so threatening to some people that they require the criminal justice system to shield them from it while ACTUAL CRIMES are being committed with little to no accountability.

Three years ago Sean Stevenson was assaulted inside the Poverello Center, but the young man who allegedly choked Sean unconscious faced NOTHING like the felony charges thrown at Brandon Bryant for the WORDS that came out of his mouth. The passing of time has not softened how disgusting that juxtaposition still is to me.

Here’s a little more from the Missoulian article that shows how corporate media depicting public anger is DEFINITELY going to become a TREND, because that’s what corporate media has the power to create in impressionable minds.

Ah, Ginny Merriam. Not only am I familiar with her provenance with gramps, I also have an old, rare publication of his from 1933 that’s representative, in my opinion, of early narrative control.

The kind of book I’m writing wouldn’t make an influencer’s list, and that’s what old H.G was doing back in 1933, traveling around the northwest to find the right books to promote. I do like the idea of the traveling around part, though.

To conclude this post, here are the two comments I provided at a Wednesday Housing, Redevelopment and Community Programs Committee meeting. I decided to call in, since our local officials are getting so fucking skittish at the perceived anger of the public and what that means for THEIR safety. Here’s first public comment:

And here is my second comment, which is more specific to the conversation being had about the pilot program of rotating outdoor homeless sites proposed by Council person, Kristen Jordan:

If my perspective is something you value, Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF) is still active, and you can always make a donation at my about page.

Thanks for reading!

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