I’m Thankful I Resisted Their Safe And Effective Science

by Travis Mateer

Are the morticians and funeral home managers and embalmers all lying? Are the white, fibrous “clots” and sand-like specks in the blood just aberrations that shouldn’t be connected to a certain medical intervention that the global population was coerced into taking, or are they something else?

Here’s another question worth considering: why would someone want to declare a pandemic amnesty if there was nothing to declare amnesty over?

This is the same kind of logic the mother of Rebekah Barsotti ponders to stay sane in this upside down clown world: why would a hitman be hired to kill me if my daughter’s death was just a “river accident”?

If you don’t see the connection between these two questions, that’s probably because you haven’t been studying the behavior of sociopaths and psychopaths like I have, or trying to figure out how trauma and substance abuse, combined with a spiritual malaise, opens the door for some truly evil shit.

The Thanksgiving day table I will spend as little time at as possible will be mostly comprised of people who will be thankful once I leave. And that’s fine, because I stood my ground when it mattered, and the only THANK YOU that matters is the one I got from one of my kids for what I refused to do to him.

Before you criticize anything in this post, I dare you to watch the new documentary, DIED SUDDENLY. And before you dismiss this new piece of media as an UNFOUNDED CONSPIRACY THEORY, think about this: either the documentary is fake, which means there was a conspiracy to make and distribute it in the first place, or there’s something actually wrong with the medical intervention we got the full-court-press to inject into our bodies.

If there is one and ONLY ONE question that requires a serious response, it’s the question of all-cause mortality sky-rocketing. What could be going on here?

Several US life insurance companies have recently revealed an overwhelming unexplained increase (40%) in “all-cause deaths” amongst 18 to 49-year-olds.

Three physician “whistle-blowers” have just released real data from the DoD, drawn from the clinical diagnosis codes. The increases found are from 2021, compared to the five year average from 2016 to 2020.

Myocardial infarction: 269% increase
> Miscarriages: 300% increase
> Bell’s palsy: 291% increase
> Congenital malformations: 156% increase
> Female infertility: 471% increase
> Pulmonary embolisms: 467% increase
> Neurologic abnormalities: 300% increase
> Cancers: 300% increase

Anecdotally, I can report no serious sickness since resisting THE SCIENCE, while sickness among the true science believers seems to be all around me. Anecdotal, yes, but it makes me feel pretty good about my decision.

My goal today is to abstain from telling patriarchal and matriarchal figures around the table that their cowardice and willful ignorance is an ongoing threat to the future of my children because this is a marathon and it’s far from over.

Have I risked a lot to bring these words to you, dear readers? I have, and it’s cost me, but I don’t regret the choices I’ve made. Because I know what’s at stake.

If you appreciate my first amendment right to have and express opinions about bodily autonomy that runs counter to Fauci-orthodoxy, and to say NO to coerced medical injections promoted by a guy who couldn’t even keep his software free of bugs and viruses, then please consider making a donation at my about page.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to I’m Thankful I Resisted Their Safe And Effective Science

  1. When standing on a hill, prepared to die for a conviction, one might wish to provide a valid and cogent reason for doing so, where one’s objective is to illuminate truth.

    Unfortunately, you’ve charged up the hill loaded with blanks.

    As your source, you’ve cited a social media production featuring a physician with no specialty training in epidemiology, vaccinology or virology who in turn “cites” to four purported unnamed insurance companies and military data without any primary source, journal article, etc. And as is wont to occur in such a scenario, it happens that everything claimed or suggested in that clip was readily debunked.

    For example, Reuters:

    and AP:

    Quotes were made up; CDC data showing massive increase in deaths were COVID-19-related deaths, not vaccination deaths; insurance companies did not attribute the increase in all-cause mortality in thebahe groupings to COVID vaccination. The increases in deaths happen to cponcide with emergence of the Delta and Omicron variants. The public compliance with vax recommendations was (and remains) low. It’s yellow journalism on the part of those producing, publishing and propagating the stuff, and it’s disappointing to see it make its way here.

    • here’s your “debunking” from the AP article. Notice how there are no named industry leaders, and the use of the word “likely”:

      “Insurance industry leaders say the delta variant of the coronavirus and deferred medical care during the pandemic likely contributed to the increase in deaths.”

    • Sasha says:

      RE your “When standing on a hill, prepared to die for a conviction, one might wish to provide a valid and cogent reason for doing so, where one’s objective is to illuminate truth.”

      Yet YOU do NOT follow this principle of providing “a valid and cogent reason” in your false argument. Instead you cite pillars of official propaganda spreaders (with their misdirecting truth-distorting “fact checker” units), owned and controlled by the ruling tribe of psychopathic plutocrats.

      A sharp 12 year old can see, and could see, from the start, that Covid-19 has nothing to do with real science but is a total SCAM. Yet, nearly 3 years later most people, like yourself, STILL have not figured that out yet and are still deeply asleep.

      Why is that?

      A coherent theory has been proposed, see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

      “… normal and healthy discontent .. is being termed extremist.” — Martin Luther King, Jr, 1929-1968, Civil Rights Activist

  2. OpenVaers (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is not unimpeachable, of course. It draws its data from HHS, which collects data at the VAERS reporting site run by CDC. CDC is not reliable, as it is under the the thumb of two sociopaths, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. But t(ere are agents within the matrix of lies and liars who do pursue truth. They keep their heads low.


    So we are always challenged to use our own brains rather than to rely on authority figures that might or might not be corrupted. Your reliance on Reuters and AP is, in my view, unwarranted. The whole of mainstream news is, according to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., bought by Bill Gates over the last two decades, and corrupt. I have seen this for myself and do not rely on them. RFK himself is to be kept at arm’s length. We never know for sure, do we. I’ve read his book, and have many misgivings about him.

    Where then to turn? As Travis did, to thine own self …. it was well known that VAERS was only capturing a small portion if vaccine adverse events, this before the Covid-19 hoax. CDC, or agents therein, commission Harvard Pilgrim to study and come up with a better system, which they did. They devised a system that would capture near 100% of vaccine adverse events. The result: CDC cut them off at the knees. CDC wanted no improvement. VAERS was designed to create the illusion that we track the horrors left in the path of vaccine mania. But to do so for real? Not allowed.

    You can use your own resources to (in)validate what I write here. If you cling to your ill-founded opinions without doing so, then I do not regard you as a man to be taken seriously.

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