Missoula County Attorney’s Office Blames Judges For “Frequent Fliers” Because They Are Cowards Taking Cues From Rape Apologist, Kirsten Pabst

by Travis Mateer

If you are wondering why mentally ill homeless people don’t face the same kind of consequences for their criminal actions in Montana, you might want to listen to Matt Jennings, a Missoula County Attorney, because he has a scapegoat he would like to tell you about.

Here’s Jennings on KGVO helping out his boss, Kirsten Pabst, by telling the listening audience about those judges who don’t hold mentally ill homeless people accountable (emphasis mine):

If there is one topic that comes up more often than most when it comes to the criminal justice system, it is why the same names seem to be appearing in court accused of various crimes that are not being kept in jail.

We spoke to Missoula County Attorney’s Office Chief Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings when he did the weekly crime report on Friday about why certain individuals are arrested and released rather than being incarcerated.

“I wish it was more unusual than it is,” began Jennings. “We have a lot of people in this community that commit crimes again and again and again. In fact, what we see is that there are really several hundred people in this community that are responsible for a vast majority of the crime. Most people are good and they’re going about their lives, being respectful of others, and not really breaking the law. However, we get the same people, and we call them frequent fliers or repeat offenders, and we do our best to make recommendations to the judges on what we think should be imposed as far as bail or conditions of release or whether they should be monitored. But ultimately, it’s always up to the judges on whether they hold somebody in jail or being released.

Yep, it’s the judges fault, but simply blaming judges won’t make Jennings’ job any easier, so he continues providing excuses for mentally ill homeless people by reminding the audience they are HOMELESS and Montana just doesn’t have viable services to help them with their psychological struggles (emphasis mine):

Jennings proposed a possible solution to the problem of such repeat offenders, or ‘frequent fliers’.

One of the things that we’re really lacking in our criminal justice system is sufficient help for people that are struggling with mental illnesses,” he said. “Right now, it’s basically jail or nothing because we often don’t have many opportunities to send somebody to (The Montana) State Hospital (in Warm Springs) for more than a day or two, and so we end up with a hole in our criminal justice system where some of the people that need help staying law abiding citizens don’t actually have services unless we put them in jail.”

Yep, Matt Jennings is absolutely correct that we, as a community, seriously lack adequate help for those struggling with mental illnesses, and it’s been that way for a VERY LONG TIME.

I am pretty knowledgeable about this issue, having worked at a homeless shelter in Missoula from 2008-2016, and I’ve been writing about Missoula’s LACK of services for those already here for a LONG time, like this post from February, 2016, titled Do Montana Kids Deserve A Soft Landing?

I wrote that post because Missoula do-gooders, like Mary Poole, are dangerously naive about local services, but that didn’t stop her from imposing her do-gooding dreams on this community, a dream that STILL requires media stories about needing MORE help for these traumatized people relocating to Missoula.

Just three days ago, for example, NBC Montana posted an article about many refugees dealing with trauma and the obstacles they are facing. From the link:

For refugees dealing with the effects of stress and adversity, resettlement agencies like the International Rescue Committee provide support.

“Some folks will come in and immediately request services, and some won’t need it for a few years until they feel fully safe, and their body has adjusted, and the trauma response has started to dissipate a little bit,” said Mackinley Gwinner, the mental health navigator for the IRC in Missoula, Montana.

Unlike Bahige’s adopted state of Wyoming, which has no refugee resettlement services, IRC Missoula has placed refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, Myanmar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Ukraine in Montana in recent years. A major challenge in accessing mental health services in rural areas is that very few providers speak the languages of those countries.

When I read shit like this my blood boils because I’ve been raising the alarm FOR YEARS about this state’s lack of services, yet my warnings get ignored, and they get ignored while out-of-state political transplants like Danny Tenenbaum move here, get elected, then act HORRIFIED at the conditions inside the Warm Springs state hospital.

A Montana lawmaker shared his experience after an inside tour of the Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs.

State Rep. Danny Tenenbaum (D-Missoula), along with others toured the Spratt Unit, where elderly patients with dementia and severe mental illness are housed.

Man, fuck this guy. And while I’m at it, fuck the Missoula County Attorney’s Office, fuck the Westridge Creative judges, fuck the Sheriff’s Office, and fuck ALL the political enablers LARPing like they give a shit while our societal fabric frays before our eyes in real time.

If something doesn’t change with the attitudes of our elected leaders, then I pray they get what they deserve from the cosmic forces of karma.

And if these gutless cowards find that statement threatening, remember, the chaplain for the Sheriff’s Office and head of the LifeGuard Group, Lowell Hochhalter gets to confess how he begs God to literally kill the people who make his life hard.

The chaplain for the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office, ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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6 Responses to Missoula County Attorney’s Office Blames Judges For “Frequent Fliers” Because They Are Cowards Taking Cues From Rape Apologist, Kirsten Pabst

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    Hm, no help for mental health, eh? I seem to remember we spent $200,000 to get the Mobile Crisis Unit Team set up in September 2020 and we’re spending another $156,000 this year to hire a manager and data analyst for it. I’m sure a lot more was spent in the two years in between, but I have other things to do than look that up at the moment. Mostly…what they have is never enough.

    But as with most things in Missoula…if we just get our local option property tax, this problem will vanish. Yeah, right.

  2. Greg, FYI the mobile crisis response unit saves the city a shitload of money. Maybe you should contact City Councilors Kristen Jordan (a lefty) and Sandra Vasecka (a righty) about it.

  3. John Kevin Hunt says:

    The contemptible lack of community mental health services is a big probkem in every community in the U.S. The U.S. Supreme Court (correctly, in my view) ruled in the eaely 70s that mentally ill persons who were not a danger to themselves or othere and who were capable of providing for their own basic needs, could not be involuntarily institutionalized. The movement to deinstitutionalize caught fire when Frederic Wiseman’s film “Titicutt Follies” was widely distributed and shown in colleges many years after it was made (and initially banned by theatre chains and Nat’l Association of Broadcasters “Good Practice Code” censors). This resulted in “patient dumping” and the needed public investments in community based services have never been made. The Deputy County Atty is part right, he knows full well that no matter what a judge orders, the Sheriff can and will release mentally ill people for whom the jail cannot provide humane conditions, cannot provide treatment and can’t operate with the disruption.

    I understand your anger, which is rational. The thing with refugees is that all nations are under international law obligations to accept refugees. I’m not sure what your precise point is regarding people including politicans who move here (some of whom get elected to office), then discover the abominable condition of the state mental hospital… What I think I’m hearing is a general and well-justified FUCK THE ENTIRE SYSTEM AND ITS VIRTUE SIGNALLING AND EXPLOITATIVE HYPOCRITE APPARATCHIKS! Yep.

    BTW, on a slightly different, but related matter, a new Pretrial Release Supervision Program developed by Msla’s municipal judges and some committee if county and city people, will soon be implemented. It sounds like those utilized in most large urban areas. The old one was extremely militarized and punitive. Anyway, City Councilor Kristen Jordan was on the committee and she gave a summary at the Monday 12/9 City Council meeting at which city funding of the program was approved. She expressed great frustration, however, because she had submitted a grant request to the McArthur Foundation to fund the program; McArthur grants are not easy to get, but SHE GOT IT! UNFORTUNATELY, some County staff she would not name decided not to accept the McArthur grant and so the City had to be asked to fund it. A GOOD THING FOR A CITIZEN JOURNALIST TO DO MIGHT BE to press Kristen for the name(s) of those who torpedoed the grant,.or at least names of all who were on this committee few people to know was in existence. Did it announce meetings, publish agendas, hold open meetings, solicit citizen input, and keep minutes? From the sparse and vague facts given Monday evening, it sure sounds like something covered by the Open Meeting Law, Open Records Act and Article II, sections 8 & 9 of the MT Constitution.

  4. John Kevin Hunt says:

    Correction: K. Jordan’s report re the new PSRP was given at the 9/19 Council.meeting. I gotta stop using my phone to post here, typos like mad.

  5. Thank you! Guts and glory…..I appreciate your honest unbiased reporting. It is refreshing…. And probably exhausting for you……blessings dude!

  6. Justa Girl says:

    Right?!! I completely agree with you @jabroncheauJessie Blessing to both of you✌️

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