Where Are The Anti-War Protests?

by William Skink

When Trump declared more troops would be heading to America’s longest war in Afghanistan, the media did not flip out and the resistance did not march. There was more criticism directed at the first lady’s choice of footwear when Trump visited Texas than there was criticism of Trump’s flip-flop on deepening interventionists wars started by Bush and continued under Obama and Clinton.

There were marches for women’s rights and marches for truth and science, but with Trump unleashing the Generals and horrifically increasing civilian casualties, where the hell is the anti-war movement?

When Trump ordered the bombing of Syria, he was congratulated by the same media that continue, to this day, claiming Russia hacked our election like it’s a proven fact when the exact opposite is true. Russia didn’t hack our election. They may have influenced American minds with the help of Facebook, but they definitely didn’t hack the DNC.

With HRC out pimping her failure into more cash money, we, the people, will be subjected to another ride on the great blame carousel that just won’t stop spinning. Clinton actually claims to regret how she allowed her handlers to restrain her from more vigorous attacks on Bernie. Isn’t that funny?

Coming from a campaign that got caught rigging the primary process, I can’t imagine what more they could have done to mitigate the damage done by Bernie, who was a more preferable choice for a significant slice of the electorate.

There are many factors that contributed to HRC’s losses. Her well-known war-mongering helped sink her 2008 bid against Obama, then Trump came along and deceitfully positioned himself as being critical of the kind of US military interventions HRC supported throughout her political career.

Has the Democratic establishment effectively killed the anti-war movement? Why is there not more outrage being directed at Trump’s escalation of America’s killing machine? The time to oppose war is now. Once the nuclear genie is let out of the bottle it will be too late.

Wake up, America. We are the biggest impediment to a more peaceful world.

And the rest of the world knows it.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to Where Are The Anti-War Protests?

  1. steve kelly says:

    I think those of us who have protested war the past have figures out that nobody in Washington is listening to us. Our representatives do not ask us what we think, and avoid us unless we attend a fundraiser with check in hand. The hope of democracy has passed. Fear and hate has supplanted hope.

  2. dennis flagen says:

    Talk about the money grubbers the worst is Tester. Don’t write this guy for anything unless you want endless e-mails from him begging for money. He really has played the veterans of this state . He has talked a great line about fixing the Veterans Administration for 10 years but its still a mess. He knows he will need two things to win re-election in 2018 other then his base. So its the democrat base plus the Veterans and Native American vote which gets him 45-46 %. The veterans that fight these endless war still are treated like second class citizens by the VA.

  3. djinn&tonic says:

    He really has played the veterans of this state . He has talked a great line about fixing the Veterans Administration for 10 years but its still a mess.

    hahaha.. yep.

  4. The best way to observe politicians is to turn off the sound. Everything they say is written beforehand and designed to appeal to some portion of the base. But their words have no content, no meaning.

    Also turn off the groups who rate them based on voting records. That is a scam. Most bills pass or fail by a large margin, so that people like Tester are free to cast their vote on either side without impact. He and Conrad Burns could have the same impact as senators, each a puppet for the Timber Lobby. But if you go by voting records, Tester appears to be the more liberal of the two. He is no such thing. It is just for showcasing.

    When a vote is to be close, as with Obamacare, Senators huddle behind the scenes. The outcome is known so it is a matter of who has to cast the deciding votes. With Obamacare, there were enough “Democrat” votes to pass it, but if that were not the case, a couple of “Republicans” would have jumped ship to pass it, just as they did to preserve it recently. It is “bipartisan,” meaning we got a royal screwing.

    How to judge the worth of an office holder? Don’t bother. They are put there by money, not voters. They are low quality people. Put yourself in their shoes. Who would you work for as a Senator? Your money backers, who pay close attention and are hard to fool, or voters, who pay no attention and are very easy to fool?

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