Slapping Iran, Poisoning Flint

by William Skink

In less than 24 hours of implementation, the Obama regime has done significant damage to the Iran nuclear deal, providing hardliners in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Iran with the perfect reason to vote for them. New sanctions over the testing of ballistic missiles is also in line with the sociopath Neocon, Hillary Clinton.

While the Democrat-controlled White House and White House aspirant do the bidding of foreign interests like Israel, revelations that an unelected emergency manager in Flint, MI has done irreparable harm to around 100,000 mostly poor, mostly black residents by literally poisoning drinking water with a cheaper, lead-poluted water source, should greatly disturb everyone in this downward-spiraling nation.

Ethnic cleansing isn’t a term one usually applies domestically in the states, but I am struggling to find a more accurate term. Maybe Russia should appeal to the UN Security Council and invoke R2P in order to deploy a peace-keeping UN force to Michigan. If the Federal Government continues enabling the complicit head of state, Rick Snyder, with money instead of immediately indicting him for crimes against humanity, then Russia can establish a no-fly zone to keep more harm from befalling the permanently poisoned population of Flint.

Is that what needs to happen?

Lead is incredibly toxic, especially for children. Tens of thousands of kids will now grow up with damaged brains because of this exposure. Juvenile delinquency will rise because of this exposure. If you don’t believe the latter, read this Mother Jones article by Kevin Drum from 2013 about the correlation between removing lead from gasoline and paint and the drop in crime rates a generation later. It’s compelling.

So, will there be criminal indictments? And will the insane scope of the emergency powers Michigan politicians grabbed amidst a state fiscal crisis finally be reversed? That last link is an article in The Nation from 2012 and it opens with this:

On January 20 the progressive think tank Michigan Forward and the Detroit branch of the NAACP sent a joint letter to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder expressing concern over Public Act 4, the Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act. Signed into law in March 2011, it granted unprecedented new powers to the state’s emergency managers (EMs), including breaking union contracts, taking over pension systems, setting school curriculums and even dissolving or disincorporating municipalities. Under PA 4, EMs, who are appointed by the governor, can “exercise any power or authority of any officer, employee, department, board, commission or other similar entity of the local government whether elected or appointed.”

What are the qualifications for such a powerful office and the six-figure salary that accompanies it? Not much: PA 4 requires “a minimum of 5 years’ experience and demonstrable expertise in business, financial, or local or state budgetary matters.” Last year the state held a pair of two-day training sessions for EMs, both run primarily by companies that provide outsourcing services to municipalities and school districts. Yet PA 4 made the emergency manager the single most powerful person in the city.

This country has allowed unelected municipal dictatorships to take over little fiefdoms in places like Flint, and now we are starting to see the results.

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